Apptega Launches ISO 42001 Support, Empowering Security Providers to Facilitate AI Compliance

Inclusion of the new artificial intelligence management system standard within the Apptega platform equips managed service and security providers with differentiated compliance offerings and in-house teams with a fast-track to responsible AI operations

Apptega launches ISO 42001 support

Apptega, the industry-leading end-to-end cybersecurity compliance platform company, today announced the addition of ISO 42001 to its framework library. By simplifying compliance program management for the new artificial intelligence standard, organizations can go to market faster with secure, responsible and compliant AI technologies. 

The meteoric rise of generative pre-trained transformers (GPTs) and other language learning models has brought new ethical and safety concerns to the surface. Recent GPT leaks and lawsuits have grabbed the headlines, raising questions about data transmission, retention, and privacy in AI development and deployment. As systems become more advanced, it falls on the organizations to ensure responsible, sustainable treatment of technologies that are now deeply ingrained in our everyday lives. ISO 42001, the world’s first AI management system standard, aims to provide the guardrails. 

“As artificial intelligence increasingly permeates every aspect of business operations, organizations face mounting pressure to meet the cybersecurity and compliance challenges that accompany it,” said Wyman Lewis, Apptega chief information security officer. “Our goal is to equip our partners with the tools, guidance and expertise to not only speed ISO 42001 adoption but also easily navigate the complex issues AI poses so they can focus on winning more business and growing their margins.” 

Published in 2023 by the International Standards Organization, ISO 42001 provides global guidance and a systematic approach to risk management within a framework built around existing organizational structures. The framework aims to balance governance and innovation by prioritizing human well-being, safety and privacy while also identifying opportunities for business growth. It’s expected to play a critical role in building confidence and trust in artificial intelligence, giving organizations a regulatory blueprint and consumers peace of mind that standards are met. 

The Apptega platform offers a centralized hub for managing all aspects of ISO 42001 compliance, transforming the daunting task of meeting and maintaining regulatory standards into a more manageable and streamlined process. With automated assessments, real-time visibility, AI-based remediation suggestions, advanced reporting, and framework crosswalking, Apptega simplifies and accelerates the ISO 42001 compliance process for managed service and security providers, as well as in-house teams. 

Faced with complex frameworks such as ISO 42001, many organizations are turning to security providers to guide governance strategies, and providers, in turn, continue to incorporate compliance into their own service offerings. With the only continuous security and compliance platform purpose-built for service providers, Apptega is equipping companies on the front lines of cybersecurity compliance management with technical and go-to-market support for their businesses.  

"Organizations are trying to figure out how to do AI ethically and securely,” said Matt Malone, director of cybersecurity services at Vistrada, a distinguished security consulting firm and Apptega partner. “They’re trying to find guidance and uniformity, which is why we use the ISO 42001 framework in Apptega so we can measure and map against it for our customers."  

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