Apptega Establishes Affiliation Agreement With Vistrada and Putnam North Westchester to Bring Cybersecurity Excellence Into NY State Schools

With New York (NY) Educational Law 2-D in Affect, NY Schools are Turning to MSSPs Like Vistrada for a Comprehensive Compliance Solution

Apptega, a leading GRC platform for streamlining cybersecurity management, announced today that it will be partnering with Vistrada, a leading national security and technology solutions provider,  to bring cybersecurity excellence and New York Law 2-D compliance to Putnam North Westchester Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) and through BOCES of New York State to all New York State school districts.

The NY Educational Law 2-D is in effect requiring school districts in the state of New York to follow stricter standards for student data privacy protection and comply with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (NIST CSF). These regulations are becoming a burden to already understaffed school systems that need an easy, streamlined solution to ensure their compliance with the new regulation.

"Protecting our students' data is mission critical," said Jennifer Harriton-Wilson, Ed.D., Education Technology Coordinator, Putnam North Westchester BOCES. "Vistrada's services, together with the Apptega platform, simplify the process and make compliance with this new regulation easy, establishing a comprehensive program to protect against future cyber-attacks and streamline incident response times by having all evidence collected in a single platform."

"We are excited to be at the forefront of helping BOCES of NY, and Apptega's simple workflows and crosswalking feature Harmony enable us to build NIST CSF compliance programs that easily map this regulation with privacy laws," said Robert Lanni, Director of Cybersecurity Operations at Vistrada. "By working together, we created an efficient and effective method to ensure the protection and privacy of student data."

Vistrada's program for New York State BOCES incorporates the Apptega platform to:

  • Easily implement the NIST CSF and other applicable privacy controls
  • Identify gaps and weaknesses within their privacy protection program
  • Leverage CSF to satisfy other privacy controls and standards Mature practices and decrease cybersecurity risks as regulations change
  • Standardize transparency and simplify risk management across the community

Apptega CEO Armistead Whitney commented saying, "We look forward to helping not only North Westchester BOCES but all New York State school districts to simplify their compliance process, improve cybersecurity programs and protect the students' data and privacy through the help of our valued partner Vistrada."

New York State school districts or a NYS BOCES needing help with NIST CSF Compliance and NY Educational Law 2-D can go to for more information or contact Robert Lanni, Director of Cybersecurity Operations at Vistrada, at

Media Relations:
Andrew Stoneking
Marketing, Apptega

Source: Apptega