Appcues Embraces Product-Led Growth as the Future of Software


​​​​Call it digital transformation, the consumerization of enterprise software, or product-led growth, but there is a revolution happening in how people buy and adopt products. 

“The implications of this revolution are completely disrupting the way businesses operate,” said Jackson Noel — CEO and Co-founder at Appcues. “Now, the vast majority of software buyers want to self-educate instead of talking to a salesperson. Customers are rejecting one-size-fits-all products and are far more likely to seek out another solution than to contact support for help. And with more choices than ever, who can blame them?"

Today, Appcues is introducing the Product-Led Growth Platform, a new type of software, purpose-built to deliver exceptional user experiences at scale — helping businesses grow faster.

One business already seeing results is ProfitWell. "Being product-led has been absolutely critical to our growth,” said Patrick Campbell, ProfitWell’s CEO. “Leaning on our product to drive the user experience is a win-win — it makes customers happy and helps us scale faster. Appcues has played a big role in this by allowing us to deliver that 1:1 experience to every single user, and our retention rates are up because of it."

Appcues began in 2013 to solve a universal problem: building a great onboarding experience was too hard. So, they made a simple tool that helped SaaS companies build, target and measure new user onboarding experiences.

“Then, our customers pushed us to expand beyond user onboarding and into new feature announcements, support interactions, product training, upgrade notifications and more,” said Jonathan Kim, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder at Appcues. “These new use cases attracted more teams across the organization with their own sets of skills and goals. Every team is involved in creating a great user journey, and turning a new user into your biggest champion is key to healthy growth.”

Appcues still enables teams to build beautiful user experiences, but the announcement of The Product-Led Growth Platform charts the way for better cross-team collaboration. For the first time, there is one central place where all departments can contribute to the product experience — accelerating user growth and revenue, scaling self-service support, and collecting contextual feedback. 

Sara Maskivish, VP of Client Success at Accelo, saw a 48% increase in new feature activation within a few days of launching Appcues. She said, "With Appcues, we're solving usability challenges for our users and offering a self-serve option, empowering our users to become more confident and proficient with our product."

Appcues is doubling down on the product-led growth concept with a recently launched community-driven site called The Product-Led Growth Collective. A resource for growth-minded folks, industry leaders from companies including IBM, Amplitude, and Litmus share insights, strategies and lessons learned from their own journeys to becoming product-led.

Appcues is already well-trusted in the space. It's delivered more than 500 million experiences to more than 100 million end users and has tracked more than 65 billion user events for thousands of companies, from rapidly growing startups to the Fortune 500. 


Appcues’ Product-Led Growth Platform makes it easy to deliver exceptional user experiences at scale, leading to happier customers and accelerated business growth. Headquartered in Boston, Appcues serves thousands of product-led businesses around the globe, including Atlassian, LogMeIn, SendGrid, Segment, Pluralsight, and Lyft. Get started with Appcues for free by visiting

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