Appcues Announces Integration With Zapier, Unlocking Countless New Product-Led Experiences

Today, Appcues is introducing Appcues <> Zapier, an integration that connects Appcues to more than 1,500 other tools and products—further delivering on its vision of creating a product-led future for all software companies. 

Appcues declared its commitment to product-led growth in July, responding to the incredible shift in the way people want to buy and use software. “Today’s users want to try products before they buy, expect personalized, self-service experiences, and have little patience for friction. It’s no coincidence that the fastest-growing businesses are leading with their product at every touchpoint,” said Jackson Noel, co-founder and CEO. “With the introduction of our Zapier integration, Appcues is making that easier than ever.”

The integration, now freely available to every Appcues customer, connects a company’s entire technology stack to the product experience. Once enabled, an in-app message can be sent any time a user’s credit card fails; new user onboarding experiences can be coordinated across email, product, and SMS, and every new customer NPS score can be sent to internal chat channels to maximize visibility across an organization. The possibilities are virtually endless. 

"You can collect a lot of valuable feedback from NPS, surveys, and in-product behavior, but none of that really matters unless you do something with it. We use the Appcues <> Zapier integration and send our NPS results to internal chat channels and spreadsheets to make sure they're actionable and visible by all. It's an absolute must-have if you're using in-app messaging," said Lyla Rozelle, Retention Marketing at Litmus.

Today’s announcement comes on the heels of Appcues’ recent CRM integration, and according to co-founder and CPO, Jonathan Kim, there’s much more to come. “Appcues is building a platform that connects an entire company's intelligence and expertise to their product. We’re committed to breaking down silos across functions and technologies so that every team within an organization is empowered to deliver the frictionless, product-led experience their users demand,” said Kim. 

To help customers make the most of the new integrations, today Appcues also introduced The Growth Lab, an ever-growing library of product-led use cases unlocked by a connected ecosystem of technology. 

Appcues’ Product-Led Growth Platform makes it easy to deliver exceptional user experiences at scale, leading to happier customers and accelerated business growth. It’s delivered more than 500 million experiences to over 100 million end users for thousands of companies, from rapidly growing startups to the Fortune 500, including LogMeIn, SendGrid, Segment, Pluralsight, and Lyft. Headquartered in Boston, Appcues enables product-led growth for every business. Get started with Appcues for free by visiting

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