Apparity Partners With Muller Beukes Edvardsen to Tackle End User Computing Risk in Banking, Finance and Insurance Markets

Second-Generation Digital Transformation Technology to Deliver Smart End User Computing Governance and Control

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Apparity, the global leader in the management and control of End User Computing (EUC) applications, announced today a strategic alliance with Muller Beukes Edvardsen (MBE), a specialist consultancy with a reputation for insight and innovation within the financial services sector. Working together, the two companies will combine industry depth with second-generation digital transformational technology to deliver EUC governance integration, business process automation and EUC controls execution.

"Over the next five years, the dominant trend in FinTech has to be the adoption of smart automation solutions that simply drive down the cost of doing business. Managing End User Computing risk will be a key part of that effort," said Apparity COO and co-founder Gavin Spencer. 

Over the next five years, the dominant trend in FinTech has to be the adoption of smart automation solutions that simply drive down the cost of doing business. Managing End User Computing risk will be a key part of that effort.

Gavin Spencer

Co-Founder | COO

The Apparity solution is a single, fully integrated enterprise-class application designed to securely inventory, control and automate all the key events that occur in the life cycle of any mission-critical end-user-developed application such as spreadsheets, databases, executables, scripts and robots. Designed to break with the past, Apparity brings to the market a technology that not only outperforms all legacy vendors across the key areas of EUC control but also saves our customers time and money by delivering transformative process automation, change management and GRC application integration.

MBE has an unparalleled, proven track record across the financial services sector, helping businesses such as life insurance companies, friendly societies and asset managers to bring clarity and focus to better understand and identify their risks. MBE will simplify the risk management process and deliver innovative, measurable and sustainable efficiencies in operations, with clients immediately recognising the benefits of working with the exceptional levels of experience and expertise within MBE.

“All of our customers are facing increased regulatory pressure to evidence sound controls across their actuarial models, spreadsheets and databases.  By partnering with Apparity, MBE can now provide clients with the right technology to support and maintain the process improvements that ensure our customers remain efficient, effective and profitable,” says Andreis Beukes, director, actuarial solutions for MBE.

Within the financial services industry today, firms are demanding that any solution designed to manage their End User Computing risk must also mean "future proofing" that risk. Process improvements and technology must now work together to allow organizations to incorporate "business as usual" with the mandates of current and new regulatory frameworks.

Marc Smeed, SVP European Operations for Apparity, welcomed the new relationship saying, “Working with MBE means our customers can now truly leverage the transformative potential of the Apparity solution - extending the value of process automation and improvement right out to the edges of their organization."

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