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It is obvious that the world goes mobile. From shopping to reading, mobile phones are in any part of the life. More than 60 percent of all Internet users are mobile users. The more crucial fact is that app usage dominates browsers in mobile usage. The percentage of mobile app minutes in all mobile markets is between 80-90 percent. In this kind of circumstances, it is inevitable to make mobile sector the significant part of any business.

The first way to get one's piece of the pie is to think to develop the own app seriously. Many firms are doing so. The thing to bear in mind is thinking on how to reach potential customers.

At this point, App Samurai offers brilliant solutions. For people who wonder how, let’s talk about App Samurai. It is a self-service mobile advertising platform that allows businesses of all sizes to create, manage, and measure mobile ad campaign in order to acquire qualified users.

About App Samurai

App Samurai was founded by five entrepreneurs who are Emre Fadıllıoğlu, K. Soner Şensoy, Şeyhmus Ölker, Selin Ezer and Mehmet Bilgin in June 2016. The aim of this San Francisco-based company is to help apps to boost the number of downloads.

It has a huge amount of data with reaching more than 1.2 billion mobile users through 50 thousand publishers up to today. With the help of this data, detecting the best traffic sources from over 1M+ sub-publishers gets predictable for the benefit of app owners and marketers.

The Features

It is an easy-to-use platform. Just signing up for free, it is possible to start boosting mobile app downloads and tracking all important metrics. After signing up, other steps to be simply needed are;

  • Verify The Account
  • Add Store URL of The App
  • Choose Ad Type: App Samurai offers three types of ad which are acquisition campaign, video campaign and boost campaign, click the ad type.
  • Allocate The Budget: App Samurai offers overall control on the budget. The budget is spent between a start and an ending date which are set.
  • Integrate with Tracking Tools: App Samurai offers an integration with functional and commonly used app tracking tools to accelerate and sustain growth in the app market.
  • Launch Campaign: Start driving growth with App Samurai. After that, the ad performance can be monitored by exporting daily, weekly, monthly reports that show in-app events and app store metrics so that optimize the ads by finding the most profitable customers and channels at the lowest cost.

Another beneficial feature is CPI system which is the most efficient and cost-effective bidding system for mobile apps. It is not only effective for gaining high-quality users, but also effective for early-stage businesses because the return on ad spending is easily trackable.

Our payout model is CPI (consumer price index) but we have built an ongoing optimization engine to deliver the most engaged and high-quality users according to their post-install events, such as level achievement, purchase, and registration. In order to enable that function, our advertisers just need to track those events on their tracking provider,” says App Samurai CEO, Emre Fadillioglu.

As a sign of giving importance on quality, App Samurai fights with ad fraud. Thanks to in-house anti-fraud systems, it provides additional benefits including fraud prevention, click spam detection, virtual device detection, and VPN protection.

Together with these features, App Samurai provides integration with major tracking providers such as TUNE and Adjust. As soon as a campaign is integrated with any of them, the data pass to the system automatically. Beside tracking tools, third-party tools can be added to track your success metrics.

Moreover, it offers many campaigns for any businesses who want to increase the app downloads and acquire the qualified users. It has already launched the first campaign of the new year that is giving $5000 free ad credit gifts for 3 perfect mobile apps. Sign up for free and join the campaign before it is too late.

Be in touch with App Samurai in order not to miss the lucrative campaigns. Keep up the good work!

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