APOOS Founder Launches Indiegogo Campaign for Innovative New Social Media Platform

Börge-H. Spröde launches an Indiegogo campaign to fund the first fair, all-in-one social media community that treats data responsibly

APOOS campaign: 'Kick the Data Wolf in the ass'

Privacy concerns, manipulated posts, data mining and expensive marketing tactics in traditional social media platforms are costing people time and money. APOOS eliminates those problems with a social media community that includes transparency, self-determined privacy, fraud prevention, responsible data handling and information without manipulation.

"If every Internet user contributed at least $1, APOOS would see fruition," said Börge-H. Spröde, APOOS founder.

To maintain independence free of investors, the project founder has chosen to fund the enterprise via crowdfunding. Approximately $31 million is needed to create the social media and marketing platform. The Indiegogo campaign officially launches on Dec. 4, 2018.

The "streets" of APOOS lead to multiple destinations within the platform. The platform includes products and projects, a cloud, blogs in multiple languages, accommodations, a worldwide marketplace and The Club. APOOS accommodates individual users, businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profit and charitable organizations.

Networks can be created for any need and every user is in full control of the people, businesses and organizations that view their information. Individuals can create multiple groups and businesses can choose minimal marketing or a more elaborate presence. The AP mail system enables members to communicate securely and with Autotext, text messages can be saved and recalled at will.

The APOOS "buy function" in the marketplace enables members to make offers on a variety of items, arrange shipping or a local pickup and set time limits on availability. Other users will also be able to identify any individuals that have defaulted or failed to deliver on a marketplace deal.

Privacy is especially important for the wealthiest and famous personages. APOOS offers a Club Membership that places them in a separate group for anonymity. The royal families of Europe and the Pope will have access to a free membership.

Security is provided through Python/Django, apps for APOOS will be available and a cryptocurrency may be introduced in the future. All users can choose to book a cloud server that will relieve data and server highways, thereby saving electricity for a more environmentally friendly solution.

Funding of the APOOS platform will provide individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses around the world with an all-in-one social media platform that values privacy, security and being completely transparent. By contributing even $1 to the Indiegogo campaign, people will be able to "Kick the data wolf in the ass."

Press Contact details:

Börge-H. Spröde
Am Klöterbusch 14C
21614 Buxtehude

E-Mail: crowd [at] APOOS [dot] com

Website: https://APOOS.com (English)
Website: https://APOOS.de (German)
Campaign Video: https://youtu.be/D1k-qCv-4w8

Press information: https://APOOS.de/press

Crowdfunding: https://igg.me/at/apoos
(start: Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2018)

Source: Börge-H. Spröde


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