Apeximmune Therapeutics Inc. Completes $6 Million Pre-A Series Financing

Develop antibodies against new, next generation targets involved in cancer immune modulation

Apeximmune Therapeutics, Inc., a biotherapeutics company, announced today it has completed a $6 million Pre-A Series Preferred Equity financing round.

Apeximmune focuses on the discovery and development of novel antibody therapeutics for oncology to modulate the tumor microenvironment. Using its proprietary target discovery platform, Apeximmune is well-positioned to identify and develop antibodies against new, next-generation targets involved in cancer immune modulation.

"The recent emergence of immune checkpoint inhibitors (CI) has reshaped the cancer therapy landscape. However, their overall efficacy remains unsatisfactory as a majority of patients still fail to experience meaningful and durable responses. Our unique bioinformatics approach coupled with robust biological validation has allowed us to identify and develop inhibitors against novel, previously unrecognized immune checkpoints that contribute to immune suppression and tumor progression. These new drugs have the potential to overcome checkpoint inhibitor resistance or even supersede current checkpoint inhibitors," said Dr. Li-Fen Lee, CEO of Apeximmune Therapeutics.

About Apeximmune Therapeutics
Founded in 2016, Apeximmune Therapeutics, Inc. is focused on modulating the tumor microenvironment to treat cancer through the discovery of novel therapeutic antibodies. Apeximmune has exclusive rights and technology to discover novel targets and combines state-of-the-art hybridoma and diverse functional assays to develop biotherapeutic candidates that are optimized for clinical development.

Source: Apeximmune Therapeutics Inc.