Apex Revenue Acquires Phone Ready Leads, Pioneering Outbound Sales Operations Led by Data Scoring

Outsourced Sales Leadership & SalesOps Firm Apex Revenue Continues Its Growth With the Strategic Acquisition of Leading Sales Intelligence Company Phone Ready Leads

Apex Revenue Acquires Phone Ready Leads

Today, Apex Revenue, a leading provider in the revenue operations space, announced its acquisition of Phone Ready Leads, a category leader in sales intelligence and data scoring. This strategic move, sealed on Monday, Aug. 14, 2023, marks an important milestone as Apex Revenue looks to revolutionize outbound sales operations for B2B businesses.

 Joey Gilkey, CEO of Apex Revenue, commented, "This acquisition was inevitable and is a complete game changer for our clients. The alignment couldn't have been scripted any better. We have huge plans to dominate the outbound sales landscape, and buying Phone Ready Leads is a necessary step in those plans. We're here to Make Sales Great Again."

The acquisition combines the expertise of leaders in the B2B sales space and is a strategic move by Apex Revenue to redefine outbound sales operations and sales enablement for high-value B2B companies. 

Phone Ready Leads, co-founded by Ryan Reisert and Justin Middleton, has established itself as a leader in the sales intelligence and data scoring space, offering a significant competitive advantage to sales teams that use the phone. The integration of Phone Ready Leads into Apex Revenue allows Apex clients to have exclusive access to sales enablement tools and data scoring not available in the market.

Ryan Reisert, founder of Phone Ready Leads®, commented, "Apex Revenue operates as fractional sales leaders for hundreds of companies and is uniquely positioned to insert PRLs into a proven sales processes that expands beyond just solving poor phone performance. This acquisition gets us (PRL) out of tactics (D2C %) and into strategy (revenue) and is a clear 1 + 1 > 2 situation."

A key benefit that PRL brings to the table in this acquisition is the ability for outbound sales teams to have prospect lists segmented out by where prospects are most likely to be reached. It creates an extremely efficient path for sales teams to get their message in front of buyers where they are most likely to engage and convert. In turn, this loosens the need for bloated tech stacks with outdated parallel dialers, overstaffed sales teams, and massive data costs. Combining data scoring with the strategic leadership of sales organizations and teams led by Apex Revenue makes for an extremely efficient and profitable combination for companies looking to transform their outbound sales efforts.

About Apex Revenue

A strategic outsourced sales leadership firm specializing in B2B high-value companies, Apex Revenue has taken the B2B sales space by storm with our outsourced sales leader + outbound lead generation model. Having served hundreds of B2B sales organizations from startups to Fortune 100 companies with our unique approach to outbound, we are poised to continue our explosive growth as the market leader in the outbound sales space.

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About Apex Revenue

Apex Revenue is an Outsourced Sales Leader & SalesOps firm specializing in B2B high-value sales. We offer fractional outbound-as-a-service, fractional VP of sales-as-a-service, prospect research and list intelligence, sales hiring and compensation consulting, and outbound sales strategy.

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