Apex Management Group, Inc. Promotes Exceptional Associates

Apex Management Group, Inc.’s executives have promoted several team members who have demonstrated strong leadership skills. The company strongly advocates promotions within the company and recently spotlighted effective new leaders.

Apex Management Group, Inc.’s executives like to see growth in their team members. Josh R., the company’s Director of Operations, stated “We recently had a few promotions to leadership; they are Chris R., Kenny J., Raheim C., and Sonny S. These team members have showcased exceptional dedication and they’re always willing to go the extra mile.” Going the extra mile is just the beginning. “Each and every one of these individuals has shown that he is trustworthy and can exude powerful leadership strategies,” Josh pointed out.

Another team member, Tiffany T., has recently been promoted to an assistant manager. “I am pleased to announce her promotion. She is a wonderful team player who does an effective job of keeping the team motivated,” said Josh. “A bonus to hiring within the company is that executives are already aware of a team member’s strengths and weaknesses.”

"This is the best way for us to accurately assess if you have the actual confidence to get the work done. As managers, we also take a step back and look at your ability to motivate others as a team."

Josh R.

Director of Operations

For an executive, making the assessment to promote can be a nerve-wracking task, but worth the effort. “You always have to think about who will fill the shoes of the person you advance. However, that is the name of the game,” Josh continued, “If you can recruit a person in-house who already knows your system, it will save a lot of headache and additional training.”

Apex Management Group, Inc.: Personality Traits for Promotions

The team at Apex Management Group, Inc. believes that not just anyone can get promoted. It takes a special personality with specific characteristics. Josh agreed, “A candidate’s personality and drive are just as important as his or her work history and accomplishments.” Personality itself plays a crucial role in pursuing successful promotion efforts. “You have to be able to put someone in place who is understanding, open, and a good communicator by nature,” Josh stated.

Apex Management Group, Inc.’s leadership looks for ways to help people stand above the rest. “If you are looking to get a promotion, demonstrate publicly how you will investigate several answers to a single problem that may come up in the workplace,” Josh said, “This is the best way for us to accurately assess if you have the actual confidence to get the work done. As managers, we also take a step back and look at your ability to motivate others as a team.”

This is important on all career levels. “If you don’t have the ability to motivate, you are severely lacking a major component to taking the next step up,” Josh shifted. “The individuals who got promoted on our team are decisive and like to inspire. To be a successful group, we can’t have it any other way.”

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