APEX Gaming Network (AGN) Partners With PlayerWON™ in Canada

APEX Gaming Network (AGN) partners with PlayerWON™ to reach more free-to-play console and PC gamers in Canada

Apex Gaming Network

AGN, a bespoke in-game sponsorship solution for brands in Canada, is further expanding its reach with its new exclusive partnership with PlayerWON™ in Canada.

PlayerWON is the first engagement and monetization platform to reach and reward free-to-play PC and console gamers. AGN and PlayerWON's new partnership will enable AGN to enhance the experience for players by giving them opportunities to choose to unlock valuable in-game rewards in exchange for watching engaging, fully immersive, brand-sponsored videos within popular PC and console gaming titles.

AGN President and Co-founder Chris Lombardi believes that the ability to reach more consumers on PC and console is a great opportunity for brands to get personal with 61% of the Canadian population that identify as gamers. "We know that there is a large portion of Canadian gamers who enjoy gaming on multiple devices including console and PC and we wanted to be able to connect brands with these gamers using tactics that have worked great for us on mobile. With PlayerWON, we will be able to achieve this by using rewarded video on PC and console titles during strategic game breaks that will drive engagement with the ad." 

PlayerWON President Dave Madden said, "We're thrilled to partner with AGN to enrich the playing experience for gamers and publishers while providing brands with the only viable means to reach highly discerning and otherwise elusive audiences in a way that complements gameplay and engages gamers."

For AGN this partnership helps connect advertisers and consumers on the top 20 free-to-play PC and console titles using 100% opt-in, high-quality video advertising.

Learn more about AGN's new in-game PC and console advertising capabilities. 

About PlayerWON

Created by passionate gamers with decades of cumulative video game industry experience, PlayerWON, a division of Simulmedia, Inc., is the first engagement and monetization platform for free-to-play (F2P) console and PC video games that lets players earn valuable rewards in exchange for watching high-quality sponsored videos, while driving engagement, retention, lifetime value and additional revenue for publishers and developers.


AGN is a leading in-game advertising platform that connects brands with the largest number of monthly active users through memorable ad experiences across premium game titles on mobile, console, PC and streaming networks. 

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