AOMS Technologies Announces Deployment of Patented Fiber Optic Sensing Technology in Environmental Projects in Europe

AOMS Technologies Inc. ( is pleased to announce the deployment of its patented Fiber Optic Sensing technology (AOMS-FOS) for monitoring of soil and groundwater during In-Situ Thermal Remediation (ISTR) projects in Europe. This is the first deployment of AOMS-FOS technology in Europe after many successful installations in North America including Superfund remediation sites in the US. AOMS-FOS is a fully integrated electricity-free sensing platform for multi-point and multi-parameter sensing of parameters such as temperature, humidity, vibration, pressure, and liquid level in harsh and hazardous environments, hard-to-access locations, and remote areas. AOMS-FOS technology enables in-situ thermal remediation technology to collect an accurate and high-fidelity map of three-dimensional data in real-time from soil and groundwater through an advanced sensor technology that is an industry first.

Deployment of AOMS-FOS Technology in Environmental Remediation

"AOMS optical sensing platform is the most reliable monitoring solution for harsh environment sensing applications such as ISTR. AOMS Technologies has helped environmental remediation service providers reduce the capital and operational cost of remediation projects and has enabled them to better comply with the stringent environmental regulatory requirements. The technology has significantly contributed to the efficient removal of contaminants from soil and groundwater in urban and remote areas. As opposed to legacy electronic-based sensors and transducers that have reportedly failed due to the exposure to high temperature, hazardous chemicals (such as NAPL, DNAPL, PCB, VOC), and high-voltage electric fields, AOMS-FOS technology has a proven track record of immunity to all these external factors. Sensor failure leads to the inefficient contamination removal from soil and groundwater and high operational and capital cost in an environmental remediation project," said AOMS CEO, Hamid Alemohammad.

The technology is compatible with state-of-the-art ISTR technologies including Electric Resistive Heating (ERH), Thermal Conductive Heating (TCH), Steam Enhanced Extraction (SEE), and Gas Thermal Remediation.

AOMS-FOS technology is expandable to other subterranean and ground monitoring applications in geothermal, oil & gas, geotechnical, and environmental industries.

About AOMS Technologies:

AOMS Technologies has developed a fully integrated optical sensing technology using fiber optics to empower industries with uninterrupted monitoring of multidimensional performance data. AOMS offering is an end-to-end hardware/software solution integrated with state-of-art Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). AOMS products have been developed mainly for harsh environments and hard-to-access locations where conventional electronic sensors fail, lose performance, or cannot be effectively deployed. AOMS is serving customers in environmental, industrial asset management, oil and gas, process industry, and infrastructure monitoring.

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Source: AOMS Technologies Inc.

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