AO Coolers Releases Stow-N-Go Cooler Designed for Adventure Seekers; Holds 38 Cans and Guaranteed to Keep Cold for 24 Hours

No more leaks, bursting or crushed contents. The new AO Stow-N-Go cooler is the perfect addition to outdoor adventures.

Stow-N-Go Mini

Stow-N-Go Series soft-sided coolers come in canvas and carbon fiber to match your Powersports toys. They are shallow enough that they don't smash food, are easy to carry, and are more convenient than traditional coolers. AO's versatile 38-pack Stow-N-Go will hold up to 38 cans and 14 pounds of ice. The new Stow-N-Go Mini HD will hold 18 cans and 7 pounds of ice. It fits perfectly in small places inside off-road vehicles, RVs, trunks, and boats. 

As with all AO coolers, the Stow-N-Go full-size and MiniHD are leak-proof and guaranteed to hold ice for 24 hours. The welded TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) liner has physical strength and elasticity, making it abrasion resistant. It's insulated with 3/4" thick polyurethane, high-density closed-cell foam, which air cannot pass through, and made with heavy-duty 1,000 denier UV and mildew-resistant vinyl with a carbon fiber pattern. The Stow-N-Go series comes in two exterior choices: canvas and carbon to match the interior of a boat or off-road vehicle. A key feature of the new Mini HD is that it can fit into many off-road racks and has a foam molded bottom as an extra layer of protection from heat and abrasions.

Built for hard-core enthusiasts by hard-core enthusiasts, AO coolers are real-world tested to be insanely reliable, no matter how harsh the environment. The new Stow-N-Go Cooler remains true to the founder's roots - a quality built cooler with a low price tag. For going out on the boat or up in the sand dunes searching for some off-road fun - AO keeps adventurers supplied with durable, portable coolers.

With over 20 years of experience, AO has grown its product line to meet the needs of those who enjoy their recreation time outside. From performance coolers to hunting and fishing gear, AO is dedicated to helping people enjoy the outdoors in any season. "We've grown with our customers, and they are the reason why we are still successful," says the company found Brian Hatch. "We know they fish and boat in the summer and ride the sand dunes or trails in the winter. We make products to keep them cool no matter what they are doing."

AO -  flexibly rugged, seriously fun, and honestly real. 

Source: AO Coolers