Anxiety, Depression, Relationships & Stress Comprise 87% of the Concerns for First Stop Health's Virtual Mental Health Members

Since adding Virtual Mental Health to its Telemedicine services in July 2020, nearly one-third of First Stop Health® (FSH) employer-clients offer the combined solution to employees. Plus, FSH members are using Virtual Mental Health at a much higher rate than traditional employer-provided mental health programs, as FSH achieved an 11% visit utilization rate in the first year of this service. 

"Mental health concerns were increasing prior to the pandemic, but workers continue to seek more support from their employers," said FSH CEO Blaine Barnett. "Whether it's the anxiety for workers exposed to potential illness or the stress of worrying about returning to the office, it's no secret that mental health issues continue to be a top priority for many Americans." 

Heading into 2020, FSH identified Virtual Mental Health as a crucial add-on to its Telemedicine solution. Once the pandemic hit, FSH expedited its launch timeline and focused on working to help clients and their employees dealing with mental health concerns. FSH exceeded its target membership by threefold within the first six months of launching Virtual Mental Health and continues to see more employers offer these virtual care services to help maintain the holistic health of their workforces. 

"The marketplace needs more solutions for today's growing mental health concerns," said FSH Chief Medical Officer and Chief Growth Officer Dr. Eric Bricker. "The ability to access care virtually is a necessity for the American worker and their loved ones. We're proud to be able to help support people whenever and wherever they need it." 

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First Stop Health provides care that people loveSM. Patients can access care 24/7 via mobile app, website or phone. We help them save time and money with safe, convenient, high-quality care. Our Telemedicine and Virtual Mental Health services are available as an employee benefit from employers and to students/staff at higher education institutions. 

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We provide care that people love. Patients can talk with our doctors 24/7 via mobile app, website or phone. We help them save time, avoid stress and feel better, faster. Plus, we guarantee employers will save money while caring for their employees.

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Nick Severino
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