"Anti-MMA sport" Martial Arts Master challenges NY Gov. David Paterson to public debate!

Martial arts Master Christian Whitney of NJ has challenged NY Governor David Paterson to a public debate regarding the legalization of the cage fighting sport known as MMA. The debate will cover all negative traits developed in the sport.

Jan 18, 2010 - On January 18, 2010 Martial arts Master Christian Whitney of New Jersey sent a formal letter challenging NY Governor Paterson to a public debate. This debate is regarding why the Governor feels the sport should be made legal and if he is aware of all of the negative traits that are developed in the practitioners. Master Whitney is concerned that the Governor's knowledge of the sport is one sided and that he hasn't heard the voice of the people who are against legalizing the sport. He is more specifically concerned if the Governor is aware of the negative facts that the sport's promoters hide so diligently. This will certainly be a very controversial debate, should the Governor accept.

The debate would also be focusing on if it is simply being considered for revenue to the state without concern of the people or anything else. Gov. Paterson was informed that a press release would be made and that the public would be awaiting a reply. No statement from the Governor's office has been made as of this time.


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