Anti-COVID, Public Service Film Launched as Free Content to Networks

The Sedge Group, a U.S.-European production company, released its anti-COVID​ short film, It Is What It Is, today, offering it as a free-of-charge public service to television or internet networks worldwide.

“There are thousands of television programs, news networks and websites that require new content daily. Why not take advantage of this need to fight COVID​?” This was the idea behind It Is What It Is, according to producer Michael Sedge.

“We wanted to make a film targeting the 16-35 age group—those young people going to bars, parties, and large gatherings that spread the virus. Now we are reaching out to networks around the world, offering the film free-of-charge, to spread the word and the fight against COVID​.”

The five-minute film, starring Luca Cerbone and Sofia Maggi, portrays a young couple discussing their participation in a Los Angeles party. They attended the event despite the known COVID​ risk. It is not until the end that viewers learn she has become a victim of the virus. The entire discussion, as well as their sharing a glass of wine, is only in the head of her grieving boyfriend. His final words, “And now you are dead.”

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