Anthony David Designs New Condo for Busy City Slickers in Hernando County, Florida

When people see the number '383', they think of different things. It can be the number of a particular house on a street, or the number of songs by an artist, or even a price. But in this article, what it means is the name of the new development by Anthony David in Hernando County, Florida. The new condo development is designed to provide families with a space to live in where their quality of life is improved, and they can bond with one another.

Anthony and his team are certainly committed to everything they have set out to do. They are passionate about beautiful living spaces, and they have a positive outlook on everything that they do. It seems, therefore, that their concept for 383 could not have been developed by a better group of people.

David says: "We have secured a 1.26 ha. piece of land on which we will construct our condominium block in Hernando County, Florida. It will be 23 stories high, and there will be 250 separate freehold units within it. The units will range in size from 1,253 to 1,719 sq. ft. There will also be penthouse units that are slightly bigger, ranging from 1,855 to 2,378 sq. ft. Finally, there will be a number of family units, and they will all be 2,608 sq. ft. in size."

David's projects have a gross development value (GDV) of some $100 million. The unit prices vary depending on size and location, but start at $200,000. One of the key features of each unit is that they are all corners. This will increase natural light and natural ventilation. Furthermore, each unit will have its own balcony."

Anthony David adds: "Every unit has floor plans that are designed to be functional and practical, designed for those with a business lifestyle. Because each unit is a corner unit, they also have at least two walls with a view of Tampa or the surrounding area."

The development will also come with a five-level car park, ending in a common podium. This will be the area where the two towers that make up the development can meet. On the podium, there will be an infinity pool (half Olympic size), a gym, a dance room, a yoga studio, and a squash court.

"We are building this project with the city slicker in mind," adds Anthony David. "Entertainment is part of that lifestyle, and we expect the owners to frequently entertain and show off the beautiful Tampa surroundings. To facilitate this, we have also added a number of private rooms that can be hired for exclusive functions. These come with kitchenettes, so catering is very easy."

The towers will come with a 24-hour security service. Additionally, they will come with a guardhouse, a secure ground lobby entry point, and secured elevators. The towers will also feature a convenience store and a laundromat, and service attendants will also be employed to ensure that residents can always live in comfort and style. They can be hired to work within the different units as well.

The aforementioned podium will be found in the northeastern corner of the development, where a landscaped garden will also be positioned. The center of this garden will be made up of a pond, surrounded by a walking path and lush greenery, enabling the condo residents to enjoy the outdoors.

When asked why the development was called '383', David answered: "The 8, when placed on its side, is the symbol for infinity. The three is half of that symbol when placed on its side, representing each of the two towers. I have a strong respect for the Chinese culture, in which 8 represents wealth, success, and prosperity. Essentially, I aimed to build a living space that stands for infinite luck and wealth."

David wants to focus strongly on growing families as well. Hence, plans are underway to add a playground to the podium as well. This playground will be designed to focus on the cognitive skills of young children, as much as on their physical skills and enjoyment.

The project is now nearing completion, and 80 percent of the units have already been sold. The remaining units have been showcased to the public during a red carpet event, and interest has been expressed for almost all of them. Keys will be handed over in January 2018, if all goes according to plan. Anthony David ends: "This is not my first project, but it really is the one I will be most proud of. It will be finished on time, because I want to see people move in there and turn my vision into a reality."

Source: Anthony David


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