AnteFame Partners With Maserati to Bring Real-World Rewards and Experiences to Its Online Racing League

Similar to fantasy leagues in other sports, participants will play the role of team owner to build and manage their own successful racing organization.

Rookie Pass NFT

AnteFame, the blockchain-based motorsport club, announces a partnership with Italian luxury car manufacturer Maserati to offer real-world racing experiences and rewards to AnteFame players.

To celebrate the partnership, AnteFame is running a competition to give away a Maserati Levante MC Special Edition to owners of the AnteFame NFT Rookie Pass. A limited supply of 5,999 Rookie passes is available with a public price of 0.1 Ethereum (ETH). A limited-time 10% discount is being offered until February 20. The Rookie Pass includes:

  • 1 driver NFT in the Rookie tier
  • 4 driver NFTs in the Novice tier
  • 1 team manager NFT in the Novice tier

Rookie pass owners get priority access to all future NFT drops for 24 hours every Thursday and the top 30 winners of the rookie race league will get the chance to race online against an F1 driver.

AnteFame is a play-to-earn game with two main components: a motorsport fantasy league and a sim-racing league.

The AnteFame fantasy league allows participants to play the role of team owner as they create and manage a successful racing team. Similar to other fantasy leagues, the real-world performance of drivers during race week is indexed on the score of teams. Teams with the highest score and best performing drivers win rewards in the form of tokens based on the tier they belong to (rookie, confirmed, veteran and legend).

The sim-racing league is a dynamic esports experience where players race against each other in a 3D environment based on two series: NASCAR and GT3. It is a completely optional component that gives players the opportunity to race and add themselves to the fantasy league; if they have the skills to perform it is a chance to earn notoriety in the online racing scene and be selected by other players in their own fantasy leagues and teams.

Teams are awarded based on real-world race results and winners receive ANTE tokens monthly, annually as rewards throughout the season. ANTE token is the primary medium exchange of AnteFame. Players can stake their ANTE and rewards are paid out automatically every month to their wallet.

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For more information on AnteFame, visit +447403767767

Source: AnteFame

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ANTEFAME is the world's first sim-racing and fantasy league with an integrated driver discovery platform, where users can use tokens to acquire drivers in various championships starting with single seaters (F1, F2 etc) and compete in weekly competitions for prizes. Launched by former Vice President at BBC studios TopGear ANTEFAME currently has access to over 100 professional drivers which performance during race week is reflected in the game.