AnswerGirls Books Tell Women How Live a Happy Life and Win Their Arguments Now Available

Announcing Busting Sadness--Your Ticket To A Happy Life; Life-Changing Happiness Skills for Women by the AnswerGirls. This book reveals the secret to avoiding negativity and worry, and includes 13 simple exercises designed to help a women improve her happiness level. Another AnswerGirls title available is Win Your Arguments Without Being Labeled A Bitch.

​Most of what makes a woman sad is caused by other people -- tragedy and heartbreak only account for 10% of a woman's sorrow. Hurt feelings, embarrassments, mean people, family bullies, cruel co-workers, rude relatives and unhappy events account for the other 90% of the issues that bring women to tears.

Busting Sadness--Your Ticket To A Happy Life; Life-Changing Happiness Skills for Women by the AnswerGirls reveals the secret to avoiding negativity and worry, and shows women how easy it is to build more happiness into their lives.

"Unhappiness and failure to get what you want in life are nothing more than bad habits, and like any other bad habits they both can be unlearned."

AnswerGirls, Author

Readers will learn simple tricks for handling negative people and situations, the secret to breaking the worry habit, how to close the lid on past garbage once and for all, what a woman needs to do if she wants to guarantee a happy home, and how to spot, avoid and control happiness-busting situations.

Win Your Arguments Without Being Labeled A Bitch: Powerful Negotiation Skills for Women, is another new book from the AnswerGirls. It teaches women how to avoid, take charge of and win arguments, making it easier for women to step up and take charge of their careers and life.

Women who want to be taken seriously, whether it's at home or work, need to be able to get their point across without being thought of as emotional, harsh, cruel or being labeled a bitch. But, unless a woman has been taught the art of debate it's not easy, especially if she's passionate about her cause.

The second book explains how to take charge of an argument right from the start, and teaches a woman how to recognize different argument types and control to when and where the argument takes place. It explains how to stop an argument in its tracks, or postpone until ready, how to develop a winning strategy, why rewrites are important, and how to avoid making enemies when the winner.

Appalled at the number of women's advice books written by men, the authors are a talented and funny group of female writers and career women who decided to come together as one strong female voice known only as the AnswerGirls, and write their own.

Available on-line from Amazon, AnswerGirl books are sold in both print and Kindle eBook versions.


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