Another Successful Installation for RealTerm Energy: 1,367 LED Streetlights in Newark, NY

Significant annual energy cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint are in store for the most populated community in Wayne County, New York. RealTerm Energy, a North American provider of energy-efficient, turnkey LED streetlighting conversions, recently completed the installation of 1,367 LED streetlights in Newark, New York. The Village has become another municipality in the Empire State to convert its current HID (High Intensity Discharge) streetlights to LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology. This conversion will save the city of Newark 75% in annual kWh and will reduce overall operational costs by 65% in the first year. Project total savings of $2,551,678.

RealTerm Energy was responsible for the removal of existing fixtures and installation of the new technology, providing customized lighting designs and supported Newark in the selection of its new LED light fixtures based on products that best suited their needs. This environmentally conscious move will ensure optimal lighting distribution, improve safety and provide additional energy and maintenance benefits and protect the environment.

“We are most excited about this LED streetlight conversion project with RealTerm Energy. It is going to result in saving significant funds that we can reinvest in other municipal services that will greatly benefit the residents of Newark,” shared Mayor Jonathan Taylor.

“RealTerm Energy provided us with a complete turnkey solution and committed to delivering this project on budget and on schedule to our complete satisfaction. RealTerm’s extensive experience and expertise have ensured the project’s success. We look forward to being kinder to the environment in an economically savvy way,” stated Mayor Taylor.

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RealTerm Energy is an international leader in providing energy-efficient turnkey LED streetlighting conversions for cities. We strive to develop and implement the smartest technological solutions to deliver maximum value to our customers, saving them time, money and energy while positively impacting the environment and connecting the people who live in it.

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RealTerm Energy is an international leader in providing energy-efficient turnkey LED streetlighting conversions for cities.
RealTerm Energy has designed and managed over 270 projects for municipalities across North America and over 40 utilities.