Another Big Online Classifieds Website Joins the Competition in Nigerian Cyberspace : states that their mission is to become the biggest and most innovative online marketplace in Nigeria. They are set to compete with giant

It’s no news that Nigeria is a huge market for any business to thrive, especially now the Giant of Africa is waking up so fast in the Internet of Things to adopt the Dotcom lifestyle.

With some big Ecommerce giants like Ebay, Amazon, Best Buy still hesitating to step into the Nigerian economy, local startups are not relenting either. It’s now a scramble for Ecommerce cyberspace dominion in Nigeria.

To become the biggest and most innovative online marketplace in Nigeria

V. N Igbokwe, Mr.

With the competition heated up and tech startups mushrooming from every nook and cranny of Nigerian cyberspace, it’s difficult to state who wins the debacle. Nigeria has proved to be a huge success in Classified Listing and Ecommerce. Both this categories are driving the Nigerian market potentials as online convenience is fast becoming the demands of a little over 83 Million internet users in Nigeria. still dominates after stepping into Nigeria in 2012, now local startups are catching up like, and recently to give them good run for their money.

FHBNC owned stated in their mission statement in the classified websites Facebook page, “ To become the biggest and most innovative online marketplace in Nigeria.” Internet Investors and venture capitalist firms now look out for the best and innovative hot startups to beat the competition and has stated their aim firmly.

 If this is going to be true, then existing players better watch out for this hot startup. Visit for free classified ads in Nigeria.

About was launched on 31st August, 2015 to become “The biggest and most innovative online marketplace in Nigeria. Owned by FHBNC Ltd. has promised it’s increasing number of users to be innovative. For more information, please visit


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