Anonymous Contact Tracing Without the Tracking

Contact tracing doesn't have to mean contact tracking

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“I Checked In” (a Victoria, BC company) announced they have released a new contact tracing service globally. The anonymous contact tracing service will provide contact tracing for subscribed venues without tracking people. Venues never actually know or see personal customer information. Millions of people will finally feel comfortable to participate in their own contact tracing efforts, and that makes this important.

Contact tracing measures have been created globally in an effort to call individuals who may have been near to another individual carrying COVID-19.

Canada, the USA and the UK are preparing and starting to reopen the economy, with contact tracing efforts in place:

Contact tracing information is supplied by the public:
The UK will follow Canada.
Restaurants are being asked to take information from one person per table and store that data securely:


  • Invasive personal questions at the door
  • Concerns around privacy and data collection
  • ​Personal information is being handled differently by thousands of establishments
  • ​Contact tracing apps help but only work by tracking your movement
  • Concerns around mishandled or lost information
  • ​Some restaurants are failing to provide the service
  • Timely for establishment staff with additional admin


  • Information is encrypted from start to end
  • Individuals remain anonymous to the restaurant or place of business
  • ​Personal information is only shared with relevant government bodies
  • ​Contact-less check-in and menu solution
  • “Set and forget” - ICheckedIn.Online does all the work

How does it work?

Venues sign up for the service and create a “pin” (which also generates a QR Code). Then guests or customers visit the website and enter their pin, or scan the QR code. Now, they are asked for their name and number, which is stored encrypted, along with the venue they visited and the time they “checked in”.

Guests remain anonymous to the venue and their information cannot be lost or mishandled. In the event of an outbreak, the venue will notify I Checked In​ immediately, and they inform relevant bodies so that phone calls can be made.

After check-in, visitors view the “specials menu” (or any type of menu), the venue web address, social media and more. It is truly a contact-less win for everyone.

Venues can add the service directly to their own websites or get creative with the tools I Checked In​ provides.

I Checked In​ strongly believes every public venue should have or use a service like this.

Solving problems for many establishments:

  • Bars and Restaurants
  • ​Dental offices and Doctors
  • Close proximity venues such as Beauty Parlors or Hair Dressers
  • Any venue that would like to add contact tracing to protect staff and customers

Who are we?

Small (restaurant industry) business owners that were hit hard by the crisis looking to change the world for the better.

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iCheckedIn.Online was founded on May 25, 2020; the company consists of solo entrepreneur Avi Lugassy, who is the co-owner of Soupa Cafe Ltd, a small restaurant that was hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis. The loss of revenue sparked an interest in finding a better way to get people to participate in contact tracing after noticing that people dislike being tracked. Contact tracing is a safe solution that helps with returning to dining out, visiting your doctor and much more. Now individuals do not need to subscribe to being tracked full time, keeping their identities anonymous to the venues they visit.

Avi Lugassy

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"I Checked In" (a Victoria, BC Company) announced they have released a new contact tracing service globally. The anonymous contact tracing service will provide contact tracing for their subscribed venues without tracking you.

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