Annual Tax Mess Organizer for Independent Building Trade Contractors Will Save Self-Employed Workers Money

Roofers, plumbers, tilers, drywallers, carpenters, builders, etc. will save money at tax time with the Annual Tax Mess Organizer for Independent Building Trade Contractors. It simplifies IRS tax laws as they apply to the self-employed building professional and is available in both a print and Kindle versions.

Most building professionals who work for themselves are considered self-employed by the IRS and required to file a Schedule C tax return. And, although it’s easy to find someone to prepare that tax return, unless you know exactly what the IRS expects of a self-employed professional in your business your tax return will not be accurate, and you won't get the best tax breaks.

This new edition includes organizational forms for self-employed roofers, tilers, electricians, drywallers, framers, etc., and simplifies IRS tax laws as they apply to the independent building professional. The author has shared ten simple rules with her readers that make it easy to get that tax return right, and to do the job quickly.

"Taxes for an independent electrician, roofer, carpenter, tiler etc. should be simple. Everyone can and should be able to add their self-employment business taxes to their individual tax return. My books make it easy!"

KiKi Canniff, Author

This book outlines a simple method and has organizational forms for tracking your business income and expenses that will pass any IRS tax audit. You’ll learn what you can and cannot deduct, how to sort receipts, document income, handle inventory and create a simple report with all of the numbers needed to prepare a Schedule C tax return. Take the forms in this book to the tax pro, or use it to complete your own tax form; instructions are included in the book.

KiKi Canniff, the author, is a retired tax consultant with a way of making IRS tax laws easy to understand. Published by One More Press and available on, this book is part of a series of tax organizers Canniff has written for self-employed professionals. Organizers are also available for independently employed massage therapists, manicurists, home party sales reps, barbers, beauticians, writers, artists, nail care specialists and other self-employed individuals.

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