Announcing Updates to the Leostream Platform

This release includes several much-anticipated updates.

Leostream Corporation is pleased to announce the general availability of the latest Leostream platform, including Connection Broker 9.0.36 and Leostream Gateway 2.0. This release includes several much-anticipated updates.

Leostream expands its support for leveraging RADIUS servers to enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for end-user logins. Updates to multi-factor authentication with RADIUS include enabling MFA for groups of users as well as support for two-step MFA login. This new functionality helps organizations enable MFA for their remote workforce while ensuring that users can return to standard authentication when they return to the office.

This release also features several updates in support of Teradici PCoIP connections, to enhance security and remote access. First, authentication via PIV/CAC smart cards is available for users logging in from PCoIP Zero clients. To support remote workers, Leostream protocol plans for PCoIP Zero clients can now be configured to connect workstations with a PCoIP Remote Workstation Card through the Leostream Gateway. Finally, the Connection Broker can now power on physical workstations by sending Wake-on-LAN packets to PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards.

Additional updates to the Leostream Platform include enhancements to Scale Computing HC3 integration, additional support for Yottabytes virtualization software, and improved provisioning for large numbers of virtual machines. View the full release notes at

The Leostream Connection Broker 9.0.36 is available at To learn more and try the Leostream Platform visit

Leostream is a vendor-agnostic platform providing a comprehensive and scalable solution for organizations to securely deliver and manage virtual desktops, remote sessions, and applications hosted on-premises, in a private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid cloud environment.

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