Announcing the Release of MiXCR 4.0, a Powerful Tool for Immunome Profiling

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MiLaboratories, the global leader in immunome profiling software development, today announced the release of a new version of its flagship product, MiXCR 4.0.

MiXCR 4.0 is enhanced software for analysis of genomics data and building a comprehensive picture of the immune response. Leading pharmaceutical research and development (R&D) teams can leverage MiXCR 4.0 for drug discovery pipelines, and for analyzing DNA sequencing data unraveling genomic information about antibodies, T-cell, and B-cell receptors. 

The initial stage of molecular identification during pre-clinical research remains a significant challenge for pharmaceutical companies and R&D centers. To achieve valuable insights, R&D teams need to analyze massive volumes of DNA data, using complex pipelines of different software extracting the data that reflect immune system response.

Currently, available software tools lack easy-to-use DNA data analysis solutions, with most of them requiring specialized programming skills. The complexity of DNA data analysis is a throbbing pain for biology scientists, who have to learn programming to develop immune-based diagnostics, immuno-modulating biologic drugs and stratify patients for research. 

To address these challenges, MiLaboratories developed a new generation of MiXCR software, which provides a scalable environment, and intuitive analysis for R&D teams. The new version includes such features as (1) comprehensive analysis of single-cell data, (2) built-in support for arbitrary molecular barcodes, (3) antibody hypermutation trees, and (4) extensive downstream analysis capabilities with vector graphics output. These functionalities provide cutting-edge deliverables for all pharmaceutical research communities, making analysis fast and efficient, with a lower number of dissimilar software and algorithms in the analytical pipeline.

A native of the scientific community, we commit to providing equal capabilities for our software users, including large pharmaceutical companies as well as individual academic researchers. Hence, we keep software free of charge for non-profit organizations and academic researchers, subject to licensing terms and conditions.

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