Announcing the PondMedics' Family of Brands: Solutions to All Surface Water Needs

PondMedics has listened to their clients' needs and created a powerful team to address them.

PondMedics' Family of Brands

PondMedics was established in 2002 with the mission of protecting water for the health and enjoyment of the community. They exist to produce creative, cost-effective solutions for the chemical, physical and biological challenges inherent to storm and surface water assets for urban, commercial, industrial, and rural clients. As the Dallas-Fort Worth area has seen unprecedented development, the resulting increase of impervious surfaces has only amplified the need for more robust surface water management. 

As the PondMedics team has grown from four employees in 2019 to 20 full-time and dozens of seasonal employees, they are proud to announce the launch of the new family of brands to bring life to water and all of those that water support!  As a "one-stop-shop" for everything surface water, PondMedics is proud to offer these expanded services to meet the needs of clients.

"This change is more than a symbolic reorganization. It reflects our commitment and dedication to being the first fully integrated business with an unwavering focus on environmentally friendly surface water innovation." 

- Trent Lewis, Co-Founder, and Visionary of PondMedics 

PondMedics: As the umbrella for the family of brands, PondMedics will continue to lead the industry in comprehensive water quality management (plants and algae, stocking and managing fisheries) as well as pond construction and maintenance to correct and prevent structural damage. 

AquaInject: Innovative technology that senses the abundance of algae and seamlessly injects herbicides into the water column. A safer and less costly approach than traditional herbicide use, AquaInject helps prevent algae blooms before they get out of hand.

dredgeSMART: Anything and everything relating to dredging projects - large and small. DredgeSMART is a step-by-step process that guides users through the surveying, permitting, and feasibility studies into the design-build/design bid stage, completion, and ongoing maintenance with a robust data-based approach. 

Fountain Freedom: Developed in response to customer requests for consistent performance and costs, Fountain Freedom is a revolutionary approach to pond fountain management. Fountain Freedom provides all the equipment and maintenance necessary to keep fountains running flawlessly year in and year out. In the event they are not able to repair a customer's fountain in one week, that month is free. 

American Truxor Direct: The Truxor is a fully amphibious machine capable of meeting all of the challenges of aquatic system maintenance: dredging, cutting, raking, and removing - they do it all! American Truxor Direct is the ONLY dealer in the United States with an available inventory of Truxors, so customers can purchase (or rent) a Truxor immediately at the moment of purchase.

The PondMedics family of brands continues to lead the industry in Texas, and nationally by co-founding the Society of Lake Management Professionals (SLMP) and accompanying accreditation standards for continuous learning and improvement for all professionals in the field.

"We elevate the origin and importance of relationships. By applying our core values, "The 5 H's" of being Helpful, Hungry, Happy, Humble, and Honest, we exist to ensure that our waterways will not only survive but thrive and be enjoyed for generations to come."

- Emily Lewis, P.E. Co-Founder, and Visionary of PondMedics

About PondMedics:

PondMedics LLC is a Dallas/Ft. Worth-based pond, lake, and surface water resource engineering, management, and consulting firm headquartered in Prosper, TX. The PondMedics Family of Brands customers includes private enterprises such as homeowners associations, large homesteads, and farms as well as over 30 municipalities at the local and county level, state governments and agencies, and secure facilities such as airports in the DFW area. 

PondMedics continues to donate 3% of annual proceeds to The 25Project, a non-profit serving orphaned children in vulnerable communities worldwide. In 2021 they were proud to provide the funding to secure the land for a new ministry center to serve orphans in Tombo, Sierra Leone. PondMedics is an active member of the DFW community and regularly sponsors local events, food drives, and clean water initiates.

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