Announcing the 2020 Book Excellence Award Winners

Discover this year's award-winning titles recognized in this global celebration of literary excellence

Book Excellence Awards

​ Literary Excellence Incorporated, sponsor of the Book Excellence Awards, is proud to announce the winners of the 2020 Book Excellence Awards Competition:

Adventure Fiction - Echo Island

Action - SINNER'S CROSS  by Miles Watson

Addiction and Recovery - To The Moon and Back by Lisa Kohn

Aging - Market Forces by Jill Johnson

Alternative Medicine - The Thyroid Fix by Shawn Soszka

Animals - PINTO! by M.J. Evans

Anthology - This Moment from WriteGirl by Keren Taylor

Autobiography - Pick Myself Up & Dust Myself Off by Colin Caudell

Biography - King Here by Trish Topmiller; To Make Riders Faster by Anna Dopico

Body/Mind/Spirit - The Art of Surrender by Eiman Al Zaabi

Book Cover Design - Longing for God by Frank Hasel

Book Interior Design - Wilhelmina's Wish by Lisa Reinicke

Books in a Series - The Wizenard Series by Wesley King

Business - The Change Maker's Playbook by Amy Radin and Paul Carroll

Career - Careering by Tamara Raymond

Caregiving - Prognosis Hope by Angie Felts

Children's Education - Families as Partners by Andrea Nelson-Royes; Puppies by Bendon International

Children's Fiction - The Guitar of Mayhem by Jessica Renwick

Children's Inspirational - Baby from the Moon by Mrs. D.; The Universe Is Listening  by Jill Pedalino

Children's Religion - Reece's Vintage Tales by N. Reece Ho-Sheffield

Coffee Table - FLYING SLEEVES by Chua Kiam

Cookbook - Famous Dishes from Around the World by Moonstone Press

Death - Coffee and Cedar by D.H. Cermeno

Diet - The "Plan A" Diet by Cyd Notter

Divorce - Split-Level: A Novel by Sande Berger

Entrepreneurship - Tiny Time Big Results by Yasmin Vorajee

Environment - Your Body's Environmental Chemical Burden by Cindy Klement

Faction - When the Heart Listens by Mara Purl

Family - Ollie and the Egg-Splosion by Kim Wilson

Fantasy - Burn Falls by Kimberly Knight; Hand Of Magic by Diane Moat

Female Empowerment - CHAMELEON by Tasche Laine

Fiction - Cooperative Lives by Patrick Finegan

Friendship - Just Saying: Melanie's Story by Jianna Higgins

Gift - Tiny Tim and The Ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge by Norman Whaler

Grief - Grief Diaries by Lynda Cheldelin Fell, Shannie Jenkins and Whitney O'Brien

Health - Whole Person Integrative Eating by Deborah Kesten and Larry Scherwtiz

Historical - When We Were Brave by Karla M. Jay

Holiday - The Christmas Spirit by JM Phillippe

Horror - Stranger Things Have Happened by Thomas Gaffney

Humor - The Big Book of Silly Jokes for Kids by Carole Roman

Inspirational - I Am Another You by Priya Kumar

Leadership - Success Is Within by Payal Nanjiani

LGBTQ Fiction - Always by Kindle Alexander

Medical - Alton's Antibiotics and Infectious Disease by Joseph and Amy Alton

Memoir - Straining Forward by Michelle Rahal

Military - No Tougher Duty, No Greater Honor by L. Christian Bussler

Motivational - Lifeworth by Dana and Hal Couillard

Multicultural Fiction - An Ambition To Belong by James Sniechowski; Jugend by Aalia Lanius

Multicultural Non-Fiction - The Search for Mother Missing by Janine Vance; The Worst First Day by Elizabeth Eckford, Eurydice and Grace Stanley

Mystery - Pinot Noir by Lorraine Evanoff; Tao of the Viper by Linda Watkins; The Girl Who Loved Caravaggio by Belle Ami

Non-Fiction - Finding Monte Cristo by Eric Martone

Parenting - How to Raise Respectful Parents by Laura Reagan

Performing Arts - What's Next? Creativity in the Age of Entertainment by Jan Karlin

Personal Development - Difference Maker by Gary Roe

Picture Book, 4 to 8 - David's ADHD by Sherrill Cannon

Picture Book, All - Go Cart Gertie by Cindy Shirley

Picture Book, Preschool - Ellie and Her Emotional Dragons by Joseph Goodrich

Poetry - Chouteau's Chalk by Rosa Lane; Savagery by JC Mehta

Preteen Fiction - But Not Forever by Jan Von Schleh; The Orangutan Rescue Gang by Joyce Major

Psychology - A Chicken in the Wind and How He Grew by Frank South

Reference - PMO Governance by Eugen Spivak

Relationships - The Ingredients of Us by Nicole Persun and Jennifer Gold

Religion - Imagine God by Rick Pribell

Romance - Bishop Takes Knight by McKenna Dean

Science Fiction - Volk by Zach Fortier

Self-Help - KISS YOUR DOCTOR GOODBYE by Elke Lewis; The Regenerative Life by Carol Sanford

Spirituality - Endless Incarnation Sorrows by Lucia Mann

Sports - Madness by Mike De Lucia

Suspense - The Loop by Nicholas Holloway; All The Broken People by Amy Rivers

Thriller - Boy on Hold by JD Spero

Travel - Charlie's Adventures…In South Africa by Jacqueline de Rose-Ahern

True Crime - Through a Mother's Eyes by Cary Allen Stone

Western - Two Thousand Grueling Miles by LJ Martin

Young Adult Fiction - Epoca by Ivy Claire; Legacy and the Queen by Annie Matthew; The Adventures of Jules Khan by Karim Devji

Young Adult Non-Fiction - And Then They Were Gone by Judy Bebelaar and Ron Cabral

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