Announcing Health Freedom Summit 2020: A Grassroots Response to COVID Crisis

Two Mothers Take on Medical Tyranny: Invite Top Scientists, Doctors, Journalists, and Scholars for a Quarantine-Compliant Online Summit.

-Founders Alana Newman & Stephanie Lind

Alana Newman and Stephanie Lind are two unlikely candidates to host the nation’s largest Natural Health gathering in response to COVID-19, but have managed to bring together dozens of leaders such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Drs. Andrew Wakefield, Judy Mikovits, Kristin Comella, Theresa Deisher, James Lyons-Weiler, Suzanne Humphries and many other courageous MD’s, journalists, and legislators who are sharing important news updates, true health solutions, and urgent strategies to help us get our lives back. This free online summit is launching April 27-29.

Newman and Lind met in New York at a luncheon for Women’s Issues in the 2012 Election. Today they are teaming up to bring Health Freedom Summit 2020 into quarantined homes which will ironically be the largest gathering in history for the cause of Liberty Against Medical Tyranny. Health Freedom Summit will feature in-depth discussions and presentations by doctors and researchers who are tackling cancer and breaking the cycle of chronic illness.

These speakers will be sharing uncensored information and real strategies on effective treatments and preventative measures for COVID- 19 as they also blow the whistle on medical fraud, government overstep, and misinformation.

The quarantine-compliant, online event is free to the public. Register online for a free access pass to 30+ highly qualified presenters at

“Bill Gates publicly stated that a vaccine “is the only thing that will allow us to return to normal. Personally, I don’t believe ‘getting back to normal’ is good enough. An epidemic of neurological injuries is our ‘normal’. A generation of chronically sick children is now normal. Questioning fundamental parental rights is normal. A medical system saturated with financial incentives to promote chronic illness and long-term medication dependency is normal. The vaccine industry’s complete lack of liability and total indemnification from injuries and death is normal.” -Stephanie Lind, Co-Founder of Health Freedom Summit.

“We are organizing in response to Bill Gates’ comment on Fox News that we won’t be allowed to socially gather ‘at all’ until we’ve all taken a vaccine. He has overstepped big time.”
-Alana Newman, Co-Founder of Health Freedom Summit

The two women have eight children between them and have worked with state legislators in the past to defend the rights of their children’s bodily autonomy, parental rights, and uncensored information—the basis of informed consent.

“We don’t trust Bill Gates when it comes to our health. Nor do we trust his bedfellow Anthony Fauci. They may have a platform, but they do not have the power to control our lives.”
-Alana Newman, Co-Founder of Health Freedom Summit

Register online for a free access pass at

Alana Newman

Source: Health Freedom Summit

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Announcing Health Freedom Summit 2020

A Grassroots Response to COVID-19 Crisis

Two Mothers Take on Medical Tyranny:
Invite Top Scientists, Doctors, Journalists, and Scholars for a Quarantine Compliant Online Summit

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