Announcing 2-day Workshop on 'Creating Winning Business Presentations'. October 25th and 26th, 2013

TWB's 'Sales Enhancer Series' - a series of workshops being conducted for corporate pre-sales and sales workforce to update skills in keeping with the growing demands of industry by placing a high emphasis on enhancing sales effectiveness and revenue

TWB today, under their banner 'TWB Business Certifications' announced the next workshop in the 'Sales Enhancer Series' of corporate workshops.

The Sales Enhancer Series has been created for corporate pre-sales, sales and business development workforce, to update skills in keeping with the growing demands of industry, and places a high emphasis on enhancing sales effectiveness to directly impact organizational revenues.

The 'Creating Winning Business Presentations' workshop, the third in this series to be held on October 25th and 26th, 2013, is a 2-day, 16-hour session. Presenting your product/service to the client persuasively, using appropriate presentation technique is critical to the outcome of the sale. A good presentation should be simply stated, logical, strategic and complete. The very best sales presentation is one that's completely thought out to ensure its success.

Like with regular TWB workshops, the focus would be balancing hands-on experience with essential conceptual knowledge and best practices.

The content would include:
1. How to roll in information, prepare, create and deliver presentations

2. Communicate effectively - identify the objectives of the presentation.

3. Design powerful visual aids - present information effectively reinforced with visual aids.

4. Understand the target audience - tailor your presentations according to the needs of the audience.

5. Preparation and Methodology - Planning theme, create a well-defined script, developing an outstanding storyboard.

6. The 'Vital Ingredient' of an effective presentation.

As Mr Anindya Shankar, Head, Corporate Business Development, says, "Making a sales presentation isn't something you do on the fly. It takes immense preparation, builds rapport with your prospect, is customer centric, summarizes your competitive advantage and leads to the logical outcome - the actual sale."

With learning aids created and vetted by senior marketing and sales veterans with decades of experience, the TWB workshop will help you discover key presentation tips and techniques that comes from several years of relevant, multi-domain experience.

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