Anne Coghlan's New Book 'Brighten Your Day' is a Delightful Piece Where Each Page is Filled With Things Meant to Spread Joy in One's Day

Fulton Books author Anne Coghlan, an optimistic woman born in Ireland and is now currently living in Long Island, New York, has completed her most recent book "Brighten Your Day": an enjoyable read designed to bring a little more happiness in the reader's life. This pleasant work contains information and illustrations that will take its readers off the current problems they're dealing with. It is a wonderful reminder that no matter how tough life is, sometimes, what a person needs is just a little bit of sunshine and this book helps the reader have just that.

Coghlan shares, "We all like to feel good. Sometimes that is difficult these days. This book is meant as a mini coffee-table book that you can pick up and read a few pages at a time. Anybody who is visiting could read a few pages while you are making the coffee. It would be a wonderful gift for those having a bad time, for holidays and birthdays, for graduations and people whose lifestyles are changing due to age or illness, or for people who could use a good laugh. In short, everyone could find something to brighten their day. It is even written in larger print than usual, so you do not have to go looking for those ever-missing glasses. Everyone has times when they need to feel the gift of happiness. 

My hope is to bring a little happiness to every reader and to give their lives more meaning. Just sit on your favorite chair and open the book at any page, and as you read, I hope a calmness comes over you—a calmness we all need in these crazy, busy, complicated days. Read on!"

Published by Fulton Books, Anne Coghlan's book is a lovely work that will surely make a person's day. By reading just a page or two, readers will have a good amount of time to rest, relax, and renew their mood.

Hope has always been an integral part of the author's character and she aims to share this beautiful perspective with her readers.

Readers who wish to experience this charming work can purchase "Brighten Your Day" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books