Anne Burrell, Not the Only Celebrity Chef From Cazenovia, New York

Until recently if someone were to ask about a celebrity chef from Cazenovia, New York, Celebrity Chef, Anne Burrell would have been the only name you heard. Not anymore! 

A new name and personality quickly rising to the top of the celebrity cooking world, with a great personality, story, and whole lot to share is ,Celebrity Chef Joe Borio. Italian Chef Borio who hosts his very own cooking show on YouTube, Cooking Italian with Joe, shot in his very own kitchen in Cazenovia, NY is now the second celebrity chef to arise from the small charming village of Cazenovia, NY. Joe Borio is a frequent traveler to Italy and offers the latest in Italian cooking, travel tips, and culture, and to top it off, this celebrity chef, owns and operates his very own olive oil farm and business in Italy.

Italian Chef Joe Borio got his start as the third generation of Italian Chefs in a family filled with chefs who specialize in Italian cooking. Chef Joe Borio was brought up in the family restaurant's kitchen, cooking next to his Italian immigrant parents and grandparents, as he learned to prepare family style authentic Italian recipes. 

"Serving people with what you love at your best is what our family is all about", states chef Borio. After receiving his doctorate and becoming a physician, Dr Joe Borio never lost his love for cooking and his passion for Italian Culture. 

"I felt drawn to Italy and its simplicity, history, and culture more with every passing year", states Borio. So much so, the chef turned doctor, turned chef, bought his very own olive grove in Puglia, Italy, where he now produces his own estate grown Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil under the name, Vito & Joe's Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil. The oil company is named after the chefs two sons, Vito and Joey, and is made from all Italian grown olives, all from Puglia and all from the Ogliarola species of olives.

The now celebrity Italian chef, Joe Borio, has a fast growing audience on YouTube, has been featured on many websites, and is a weekly feature in the Lifestyle Section of the Syracuse New Times. Chef Joe Borio, is also a contributing writer to several cooking magazines and food blogs and his demand to be featured in cooking entertainment events is dramatically increasing, with a year long schedule of celebrity appearances and upcoming Italian summer festivals. 

"Kinda fun to hear someone call out chef in the village of Cazenovia, NY and you turn around expecting to see Anne Burrell, when they are calling out for you", says Borio

When asked, what do you hope to bring to people with what you do? The celebrity Italian chef states, "I want to bring a bottle of Italy in the form of my olive oil to every kitchen in America, and an Italian smile to everyone I have the honor to meet". 

You can spend time with Italian Celebrity Chef, Joe Borio and, Cooking Italian with Joe, while he is cooking in his very own kitchen and learn what the masters in Italian cooking do, as well as benefit from three generations of experiences to bring you authentic Italian recipes, cooking tips, travel tips, and what to love about Italy, to your family for years to come.

Joe Borio started Cooking Italian with Joe, a weekly YouTube show where Chef Joe is in the kitchen, cooking all of your favorite Italian dishes offering you, easy and simple authentic Italian recipes.

Join Cooking Italian with Joe on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest or on our website to share in our videos, recipes, stories of the Borio family, and love of life. Chef Joseph Borio is an olive oil producer and offers for sale, Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil, named after his two sons, Vito & Joe’s Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil, available for purchase at or on

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