Ann Arbor Startup Trove Releases Comic Book-Themed Networking Microsite

Michigan tech startup Trove is celebrating the premiere of Marvel's 'Avengers: Endgame' with its very own network balancing act

Satirical Thanos Infinity Gauntlet dusts your personal network!

Ann Arbor startup Trove is paying satirical homage to America's popular comic-book-turned-big-screen franchise Avengers by bringing a nod to the Marvel universe into their personal networking tools. This new interactive experience allows Trove's users to channel their inner Thanos against their own contacts. "Our team is very excited for the new movie. This is a fun way to share our enthusiasm with other fans and provide a glimpse of what Trove can do," says Karl Tiedemann, Trove's VP of product.

Trove's unique relationship-mapping AI lets users see their contacts holistically as a fully connected, visually immersive network. Adding a fun, superhero-inspired layer to its technology, users will be able to sign up to get their own interactive network and then "balance" it with a single click. According to Tiedemann, "the experience doesn't alter the user's data in any way. This is simply an entertaining way to imagine how our own personal networks might have been impacted in the Marvel universe."

The upcoming Avengers movie will almost certainly answer fans' questions about the fates of their favorite superheroes — and now, with Trove's help, our users can imagine the fates of their own contacts, too.

About Trove: Trove builds AI-based professional networking tools for individuals and companies. Through innovative technology, they help people see their networks differently, quickly grow their reach and make meaningful connections -- because networking doesn't have to be so hard.

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Trove builds AI-based professional networking tools for individuals and companies.

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