Animals and Natural Exhibition at Haven Palm Beach Gallery Features Work of World-Renowned Artist Mara Sfara

'Two Tigers in Love'

World-renowned artist Mara Sfara’s work is displayed at the Haven Palm Beach gallery. The exhibit will be open through May 1. 

“Mara is a figurative painter, contemporary sculptor, and multisensory kinetic artist known to captivate her audience with her unique style and vibrant colors. Her works draw inspiration from nature, storytelling, and human emotions, creating an experience that is both visually stunning and emotionally resonant,” said Jude Amsel, the gallery’s director. “Her latest oil paintings at Haven Palm Beach capture her profound connection with the natural world and feature a range of delicately portrayed wildlife.”

Sfara has loved animals her entire life. This passion was nurtured from an early age—her father would draw pigs on notes and cards he would give her, and she did the same for her children.

Today, she has an extensive portfolio of animal sculptures and paintings of animals from the land, sea, and sky. 

“Animals are different from us, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have sensitivities like we do. The better we treat things that are part of our environment and life, the better we can break down our prejudices,” Sfara said.

The interactive exhibit includes lively portraits of animals, sculptures, and landscapes. Portions of the sales at the exhibit will be donated to the Lions Safari Club, the largest drive-through safari in the state of Florida. The Lions Safari Club is also a conservation group that has breeding programs for endangered and threatened species.

“It’s crucial to understand that other beings are important and have value,” Sfara said. “We’re just parts of a puzzle, and we need other pieces to complete the puzzle.”

Haven Palm Beach is at 211 Royal Poinciana Way, Palm Beach, FL 33480.

Source: Mara Sfara

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