Animal Chiropractor Launches New Animal Alternative Medicine Directory

Pet lovers who have been searching fruitlessly for information on holistic practitioners and natural products for animals need search no longer.

The creator of has launched a new animal alternative medicine directory which provides details of practitioners, schools, training courses, events, associations, and products.

The site links to everything from Acupressure For Animals to Vibrational Medicine For Animals.

The directory is designed to be comprehensive, easy to navigate, and importantly, contains independent and unbiased reviews of products and services.

The site was created by Gina McCulloch D.C., animal lover and alternative medicine practitioner for animals.

McCulloch has a first class degree in Chiropractic from Oxford Brookes University in the UK and has studied animal-specific natural and alternative medicine all over the world, including courses in massage, reiki, and other specialties. She is also a certified Equine Body Worker.

When she moved from the UK to Australia, Gina also flew over her horse, cat and dog. She used a combination of chiropractic, reiki and flower essences to ensure all her pets arrived in top health.

"People often ask me what types of alternative medicines are available for animals and whether they would work for their pet. They want to know which animal practitioners are the best and which are best avoided; which products work and where they can buy them. Many pet owners and professionals are keen to learn more and take courses but are not sure where they can train," McCulloch explained.

"I realized there was nowhere people could easily find answers to all these questions. I developed so pet owners and professionals would be able to access all the information they could ever need in one convenient site and the independent consumer reviews would enable them to make better informed decisions."

The site serves as a gathering place and forum where like-minded pet lovers and professionals can exchange information and access resources.

Business owners can also benefit from using the site. The directory is a cost effective and targeted way for business owners, practitioners and schools to reach a large and loyal audience actively seeking out their types of products and services.

Those interested in learning more may visit the directory or view a video tour of the site.


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