Angels’ Eyes Expands Product Line Beyond Tear Stains

Angels' Eyes Unveils Groundbreaking Expansion, Pioneering a New Era in Tear Stains and Beyond.

Angels' Eyes New Products

Angels' Eyes, a trusted name in pet care, is proud to announce a significant expansion of its product line, marking a pivotal moment in the company’s evolution. Renowned for its innovative solutions to pet tear stains, Angels’ Eyes, acquired by H&C Animal Health in 2020 and the brand leader in the tear stain market, is now broadening its focus to cater to a wider range of pet care needs, highlighting its dedication to pet owners' evolving needs. 

“If you take care of the pet, the pet takes care of you," said Chuck Latham, founder of H&C Animal Health. "For many of us, our pets are our constant companions, loyal friends, and even family. That's why we're driven to be more than just 'good enough' - we're developing groundbreaking products that address pet health concerns in innovative ways. Our commitment to rigorous research and development ensures each offering effectively supports your furry friend.” 

The new products from Angels' Eyes encompass a wide range of categories, including ear care, eye care, seaweed daily dog treats, and the first-ever tear stain-friendly dog treats. This expansion underscores the brand's dedication to meeting the evolving needs of pet owners and their beloved companions. 

Angels’ Eyes Sea Sticks Tear Stain Friendly Dog Treats (Available in 3 Sizes: Small, Medium, Large) – The first ever tear stain-friendly dog treat is crafted with a unique blend of brown and red seaweed that can be incorporated into your pet’s daily tear stain regimen. These treats offer a tear stain-friendly way to treat your dog with a unique antioxidant blend of plant-based ingredients that help support your pup's immune, digestive, and metabolic system while adding a tasty treat to the tear stain-eliminating routine. 

Angels’ Eyes Gentle Ear Cleansing Wipes, 100 ct.– Soothing, non-irritating ear wipes help to remove the build-up of wax, dirt, debris, and foul odors from your cat or dog’s ears. These convenient and gentle ear wipes feature Aloe Vera and Chamomile to soothe and are free of alcohol, dyes, artificial coloring, and fragrance. 

Angels’ Eyes Zinc-Otic Ear Relief Treatment – Specially formulated with Natural Boric Acid and Zinc to help combat the symptoms of outer ear infections, such as itching, redness, inflammation, discharge, and unpleasant odors. The non-staining formula contains no steroids or antibiotics, is safe for long-term maintenance, and is an excellent solution for dogs and cats. 

Angels’ Eyes Sea Sticks Multi-Benefit Daily Dog Treats (Available in 3 Sizes: Small, Medium, Large) – Containing essential vitamins and minerals, our multi-benefit Sea Sticks are not just a delicious daily treat; they are a holistic approach to enhancing your dog’s vitality, ensuring they thrive from the inside out. Our tasty treats also promote better oral hygiene with the power of seaweed and its crunchy ridges to help clean teeth and support a healthy gut. 

Angels’ Eyes Multi-Purpose Sterile Eye Wash – Provides soothing relief from eye irritation, fights bacteria, and helps remove pollutants such as smog, chlorine, allergies, and debris from your cat or dog’s eyes. Regular use helps to remove tear stains and slow down their development by rinsing away the stain-causing minerals. 

Angels’ Eyes Multi-Purpose Eye Lubricant – Helps relieve irritation and allergies in your cat or dog’s eyes that cause discharge and excess tears, soothes dry eyes, and may help to reduce tear stains with regular use. Helps to create a protective barrier while moisturizing the eye. 

Angels' Eyes invites pet owners, retailers, and industry professionals attending Global Pet Expo to discover the full range of new products and experience the difference firsthand. Stay tuned for more information as Angels' Eyes continues to roll out these exciting additions to its product portfolio. 

Source: H&C Animal Health

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