Angeline Pompei Releases New Song and Video, 'Save My Soul'

The powerful ballad about change and healing from the entrepreneur, educator, and artist will be available for download on March 1 and its video on May 1.

Angeline Pompei knows that breaking barriers and achieving personal change is a challenge, a lonely and difficult journey often taken only out of necessity. Angeline has accomplished that change in her life, from skincare entrepreneur to recording artist and creator of an English language learning curriculum. Now, she has channeled her experience into her first music video for her new song, “Save My Soul.”

The powerful, guitar-driven song will be her 27th release and will be available on March 1 on her Spotify channelApple MusicAmazon, and other outlets, and the video on May 1.   

Angeline has 20 years of experience in skincare and skincare marketing. When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down much of the world, she shifted careers and launched her passion project, “Learn English Fast,” which includes bilingual books and music she recorded.

Angeline said her new song is about her struggle with severe depression during the pandemic, and the life changes that resulted from it. Angeline emerged from her struggle with a dedication to pursuing her passion for singing and songwriting. She had discovered that passion in writing songs for language learners – but her new song is from a completely different place.

“‘Save My Soul’ is not for language learners. It's about becoming or emerging into something new – in this case, an artist,” she said. “Becoming anything new is a challenge. It involves a shift in mindset. In this song, I write ‘breaking the chains locked in my brain.’ The battle is always within.” 

What Angeline and millions of others experienced during the pandemic shaped the writing of the song. “COVID was the ultimate isolation for many people,” she said. “Many people suffered from loneliness and severe depression, including me. Loneliness causes one to believe there is only one path, and we listen to only one voice, our own.” 

That means that to break patterns, behaviour, or thinking, she said, “The first battle is with oneself. The second battle is being able to push through the opinions and perceptions of others. The journey can be very lonely.” 

“Save My Soul” includes the lyric “I'm hurting but I'm writing words to this song.” Angeline explained that comes from the life experiences that pushed her to change.  

“Most of the time, we or people don't change unless life forces us out of our comfort zone. It's often those painful moments or life-changing events that force us to change,” she said. “The change that is often forced on us is really a testament to individual strength and it's easy to give up or feel like we are drowning.”

Even the video’s setting, in a cenote in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, was carefully chosen to align with her message. The cenote is a natural well formed by the collapse of a limestone formation and often has both practical and spiritual purposes.

“The cenote also symbolizes loneliness and isolation,” Angeline said. “The cenote is circular, representing the environment and the mind as well. Like a shark grows to the size of its container, so do we. And our container can be physical, or it can be the barriers in our mind that keep us in our daily circles or patterns.” 

“Save My Soul” is about breaking out of those patterns and healing. To learn more about Angeline, her music, and other projects, visit

About Angeline

Angeline Pompei is a recording artist, entrepreneur, and adult language learner with a degree in aerospace engineering and a TELF certification to teach English internationally as a second language. Founder and CEO of Angeline Authentic, she created the Learn English Fast® system for people to learn English as a second language. Learn English Fast® comprises Angeline Pompei's unique series of line-by-line bilingual books for learning languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, and Polish. She is also an artist with an album, "Verbiage," that teaches grammar, vocabulary, and verb conjugation through music.  

Angeline Pompei is most proud of her skincare books, having been a successful entrepreneur in the skincare industry for 18 years, which includes her 3D anti-aging formula to maintain youthful skin. A multi-faceted individual, she uses all her experience to teach adults English through interest-based learning, bilingual materials, and music. All Learn English Fast® resources are available on Amazon, and her music is on major streaming platforms. Her songbook is available on Amazon and in a free PDF on her website.

Source: Angeline Authentic

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