Angeline Pompei Introduces Learn English Fast

Frustrated with existing ESL methods, engineering graduate and entrepreneur creates a way for adults to learn conversational English via groundbreaking line-by-line bilingual books and original music.

Angeline Pompei has a degree in aerospace engineering and a career as an entrepreneur in skincare and marketing. Despite her obvious talent and drive, however, she still found it challenging to learn languages as an adult. So, she devised her own system, Learn English Fast®, now available to the world so others can learn with the methods that worked for her.   

Learn English Fast® is a series of 12  bilingual books for Spanish, French, Italian, and Polish speakers, available on Amazon. Angeline Pompei also has an album, “Verbiage,” that complements her system by teaching grammar, vocabulary, and verb conjugation through music.  

Angeline Pompei’s Learn English Fast® books are virtually unique in the world of teaching English as a second language (ESL), being one of the first to utilize the approach of bilingual, long-form, line-by-line translation. Most existing bilingual books have side-by-side page translations, which is useful for readers who are already bilingual. However, for readers who are only just beginning to learn English, line-by-line translations are more useful. Learn English Fast® breaks that mold by having the English translation directly underneath the native language, line by line.  

“As an aerospace engineering graduate and entrepreneur for 20 years, I’m no stranger to thinking outside the box in order to improve broken systems,” Angeline Pompei said. “Engineering definitely makes you always think about design and development and teaches problem-solving.” 

So she went to work to develop her own system, achieving TELF certification to teach English internationally as a second language, writing and designing her bilingual books (with no assistance from AI, she notes), and taking singing lessons for a year so she could record her album.   

She calls her approach “interest-based learning,” because her books teach English in the context of everyday life, like conversation, cooking, skincare and other topics. “I want to incorporate language learning in one's everyday life,” she said. “Adults are busy, therefore, we need to make language learning enjoyable or part of our leisure time.”  

The first set of four Learn English Fast® ESL bilingual books are for beginners and intended to help adult students learn English in useful ways. “Everyday ESL Conversations in Public Places” teaches practical phrases and sentences for common situations. “Egg Recipes in the Past Tense” uses cooking instruction to teach the use of the past tense. “ESL Vocabulary Word Searches” is a fun learning approach suitable for the entire family. “Verbiage ESL Songs for Adults” is the songbook for Angeline Pompei’s recorded album, which provides an engaging way to learn verbs. Angeline Pompei is also excited to announce that she has new languages in production, including Japanese, Polish, and German bilingual books. 

“Songs for learning English for adults are hard to find,” she said. “Adults often learn English by listening to music for kids. I wanted to create music for adults, and, if you listen to my songs, they sound like normal songs. But when you read the lyrics, you will see there is a verb, vocabulary, or grammar focus. They are more than just songs.”  

Later sets in the Learn English Fast® series are more advanced, including books that draw on Angeline Pompei’s two decades of experience in skincare to teach English. “My ESL books are interest-based so you can learn English based on whatever interests you,” she said. “After my struggles learning languages as an adult, I’ve become passionate about providing adult language learners the materials they need to learn and practice English – the materials I wish I had.”

To learn more, please visit Angeline Pompei’s music can be found on all streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. 

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About Learn English Fast®  

Angeline Pompei is an entrepreneur and adult language learner. Founder and CEO of Angeline Authentic and Learn English Fast®, she holds TELF certification to teach English internationally as a second language. She is the creator of, the home of her Learn English Fast® system of learning English as a second language, which she developed after disappointments with other systems. Angeline holds a degree in aerospace engineering, so naturally, when she saw flaws in current programs for learning English, she decided there was room for improvement. After her own struggles learning languages as an adult, she created Learn English Fast® to help others with the methods that worked for her. Learn English Fast® comprises Angeline's unique series of line-by-line bilingual books for learning languages, including Spanish, French, Italian and Polish. She's most proud of her skincare books, having been a successful entrepreneur in the skincare industry for 18 years. Angeline is also an artist. Her album, “Verbiage,” teaches grammar, vocabulary and verb conjugation through music. All Learn English Fast® resources are available on Amazon, and her music is on major streaming platforms. Her songbook is available on Amazon and in a free PDF on her website. Angeline is a multi-faceted individual and uses all her experience in order to teach adults English through interest-based learning, bilingual materials and music. 

Source: Angeline Authentic

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