Angelina Hart Launches 27pc Professional Makeup Brush Set

American designer inspired by pearl jewelry for first product launch

American designer Angelina Hart launched her new professional makeup brush set consisting of 27 separate brushes. The design for the brushes was inspired by strings of cultured pearls. The brushes are finished with pearl white handles and polished gold ferules.

Each brush is handmade from the best all natural or synthetic fibers available. Each brush features a matching of “fibers to function” so the user always has the right brush with the correct fibers to achieve a flawless, professional look. All natural fibers are 100% cruelty free. More than one brush for the same area is included which dramatically cuts down on cleaning time. The complete 27-piece makeup brush set has a retail price of $295.00 and is available at her website.

"This set really captures the glamor, style and elegance I feel is sorely missing from the makeup brushes that are available. My makeup brush set is not only professional grade and manufactured to the highest standards but beautiful to look at and wonderful to use. "

Angelina Hart, Designer

About Angelina Hart

Angelina Hart is reinventing what timeless, classic style looks like for the modern woman. She set out to create what she calls "The New Timeless", classic for the new century.  She eschews products that will become dated or are trendy. Angelina's goal is to put the best things she can into the world that are of our time, for all time.