AngelEye Health Acquires Avento MilkTrackerTM

New solution expands AngelEye's family engagement suite to support the feeding management process

Nashville-based AngelEye Health, a leading provider of tele-engagement solutions for hospital neonatal and pediatric units, today announced that it has acquired Avento Technologies MilkTrackerTM Solution. “This proven technology has been part of our product roadmap and is a valuable addition to the AngelEye platform. This solution expands our family engagement reach, incorporating parents as part of the feeding plan of their child,” said Christopher Rand, CEO of AngelEye Health.

“The MilkTracker team is very excited about the opportunity to become a part of the AngelEye Health family and collaborate on future development. Our unified vision is to provide our hospital partners and our families with one seamless, integrated experience,” added Seamaf Bchihalouk, President of Avento Technologies.

MilkTracker is the safest, most affordable, end-to-end feeding verification and inventory management solution on the market. The solution, designed by clinicians, incorporates patient safety and clinical efficiency as top priorities.

“The MilkTracker and AngelEye software products are a natural fit and complement each other for the benefit of both clinicians and parents,” shared Bchihalouk.

MilkTracker prevents errors that arise from milk and formula handling, processing, and feeding in the hospital setting. MilkTracker is a complete, customizable solution including clinical support and collaboration, EHR integration, and reporting and analytics.

“Our mission is to be the leading pediatric technology provider delivering services that enhance the patient and family experience, improve quality of care, and increase efficiencies across the care continuum. Our acquisition of MilkTracker brings us one step closer to accomplishing this goal,” said Rand.

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AngelEye’s HIPAA-compliant TeleEngagement Solutions are now supporting staff and families in over 90 facilities nationwide. Solutions include an advanced Camera System, bringing live-streaming patient video to families to reduce stress and anxiety, and support bonding when they cannot be at the bedside. One-way Patient Updates that allow care teams to share patient status and memorable moments with real-time texts, pictures, and recorded videos. And, a customizable Parent Education Portal that allows hospitals to provide essential education and monitor parents’ progress on their infant’s path to discharge. These Solutions support care team workflows and give families a view into the treatment plan and progress their baby is making from any connected device.

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AngelEye's HIPAA-compliant TeleEngagement Solutions include an advanced Camera System, One-way Patient Updates & Online Parent Education Portal supporting care team workflows and giving families a view of the progress their baby is making.

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