Angel Forrest of SB Tree Service Attains ISA Arborist Certification – a Remarkable Accomplishment

Angel Forrest Achieves ISA Arborist Certification with Excellence, Reflecting Dedication and Expertise.

Angel Forrest

Angel Forrest, a valued SB Tree Service team member, recently received the prestigious International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist certification. This significant accomplishment demonstrates Angel's dedication to the arboriculture profession and commitment to delivering exceptional tree care services to the local community.

The ISA certification is a testament to Angel's expertise and knowledge in arboriculture. To secure this certification, Angel completed rigorous training and demonstrated proficiency in tree biology, tree identification, tree care practices, and safety protocols. All subjects of which come of great importance to maintaining the health and longevity of local trees.

Chris Forrest, Owner of SB Tree Service and husband to Angel Forrest, has been overjoyed with the recent news of his wife’s accomplishments. He states, “Behind every successful man stands a strong woman.” Since 2017, Angel has been beside Chris, helping to run SB Tree Service to become one of the top local tree companies within the Volusia and Flagler area. Now, with 2 ISA-certified arborists on the SB Tree Service Team, they can help even more local residents needing high-quality tree care.

As an ISA-certified arborist, Angel will continue to play a pivotal role in preserving and enhancing the community's health and beauty of trees. Her expertise will benefit all SB Tree Service clients by ensuring their clients receive the best care, encompassing proper pruning techniques, disease management, and tree risk assessment.

SB Tree Service has been a trusted tree care and maintenance company for over six years. Their team of professionals, including Angel Forrest, is devoted to providing top-tier tree services that prioritize tree health, safety, and client satisfaction.

For more information about SB Tree Service and their ISA-certified arborists, Angel Forrest, and Chris Forrest, please visit or contact their team at Volusia: 386-320-3056 and Flagler: 386-341-4800.

About SB Tree Service:

SB Tree Service is a reputable tree care company serving the Volusia and Flagler area. They specialize in tree services, including tree removal, trimming, stump grinding, crane services, brush clearing, risk assessment, mulching, and, most importantly, ISA-certified arborists.

With a commitment to safety, environmental responsibility, and client satisfaction, SB Tree Service has established a strong reputation in the community.

Source: SB Tree Service

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