Angel City Lumber Partners With the U.S. Forest Service to Re-Localize Lumber in Los Angeles

Angel City Lumber

Angel City Lumber is honored to partner with the U.S. Forest Service, specifically through the local Angeles National Forest (50 miles from the Boyle Heights Sawmill), in milling local trees designated as safety hazards or snags in surplus of the U.S. Forest Service’s Fish and Wildlife Standards, for commercial and residential sale to LA County. By interfacing as a constituent of the U.S. Forest Service’s Angeles National Forest Land Management Plan, Angel City Lumber will bolster its hyper-local lumber model with forest trees that would otherwise become mulch at best or fire fuel at worst. 

The Angeles National Forest Land Management Plan’s focus on wildlife habitat, forest floor biome, traditional tribal use areas, and cultural and historic standards present a tremendous chance to bring intentionality and tree recognition to sawmill production. 

With downed tree species native to the local forest, Angel City Lumber will launch its inaugural “Forest Floor(ing)” line: wide-board, tongue-and-groove, end-matched, 1” overall thickness, solid wood flooring (Ponderosa pine and Jeffrey pine). This is made possible through the Forest Service’s Wood Innovations Grant, of which Angel City Lumber is an award recipient. Moreover, Angel City Lumber will produce structural timber, non-structural lumber, and millwork products for the Los Angeles County community from these trees through contracted fuel removal. 

Angel City Lumber CEO Jeff Perry said, “The chance to aid the U.S. Forest Service in carrying out its Angeles National Forest Land Management Plan while bringing attention and intention to the individual fallen trees of Crystal Lake and Charlton Flats in hopefully this first-iteration partnership is an honor for us. Our attentiveness, intentionality, and focus will be on these individual and collective trees and manufacturing high-quality local products for the Los Angeles community, connecting Angelenos to their native forest. We have the utmost awareness of how important it is to get this right.”

About Angel City Lumber:

Angel City Lumber provides premium lumber and custom fabrication for commercial and residential applications. Its mission is to reconnect Angelenos with nature by manufacturing the gift of wood from our fallen neighborhood trees.

This project was partially supported by the USDA Forest Service Wood Innovations Program. Angel City Lumber is an equal opportunity provider.

For media inquiries or more information about Angel City Lumber’s Angeles Forest Floor(ing) and other services, please contact: Michelle Melamed | | 310.435.2865.

Source: Angel City Lumber

About Angel City Lumber

At Angel City Lumber, we honor our community trees by facilitating wood from and building with the final gift and legacy of these trees. In honoring, whether the wood is utilized to create an architecturally designed art piece or a utilitarian broom handle is inconsequential; regardless of form, these gifts must be recognized, considered, and cherished, never taken for granted; participation and reciprocity, from a tree’s germination to working its wood, embody the attentiveness they deserve.

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