Angee Delivers New Skills Integrations as Part of Its One Simple Subscription Service to Protect Your Home and Privacy

Angee Technologies Ltd., an innovative provider of home protection solutions announced today availability of new Smart Home integrations, following its recently launched service in the USA.

Angee’s solution protects your home and privacy as a monthly or annual subscription service and offers customers a unique privacy-centric Plug and Play solution combining Cloud, App and a 360 degree Smart Camera - with no upfront hardware purchase or installation costs.

Enhancing Angee’s Smart Home Integrations

During Q119, Angee will continue to deliver enhanced service capabilities at no extra cost to its subscribers that address increasing demand for automatic collaboration between smart home devices. CEO, Tomas Turek said, “We’re excited to announce the inclusion of Alexa Voice Assistant integration and will be soon releasing integration for Google Home users as well. Today, the release of Alexa integration allows our subscribers to check on the status of Angee, enable arm and disarm, sound the Angee siren and also empower Alexa to know who is at home. Additionally, we have also incorporated Philips Hue integration to allow smart lights to flash with the siren following a security event.” Angee plans to release additional integrations throughout 2019, as well as add new security-focused functionalities to enhance its effectiveness as a secure, privacy centered solution to protect homes.

User privacy respected from prying eyes

“The next wave of smart home security adoption will come from not just from delivering a complete all in one ‘Security as a Subscription Service’, but one that also respects user privacy expectations,” said Turek.

Firstly, the Angee pure service play doesn’t spring surprises that buying traditional cloud-based security systems up front can often bring, namely having to pay installation fees or extra to have video stored in the cloud. It is not uncommon to find some vendors offering limited or even zero cloud storage support unless you sign up to an ongoing storage access plan. Angee’s all-inclusive service contains no hidden extras as its simple monthly or annual plan includes hardware, cloud recordings, warranty service support for as long as subscribers use the service, unlimited users and more. Turek added, “We’ve kept the service as simple as possible. Priced from $16/month, we take care of the delivery of hardware to subscriber homes as well as collection should anyone wish to cancel their service. This makes Angee a true hassle free, customer-centric service-led model.”

Secondly, users don’t want their privacy invaded inside the home. Privacy and data protection are two hot topics that consumers are most anxious to protect at a time where appropriation of personal data has been in the headlines throughout 2018 for the wrong reasons. Questions around the data that companies track and harvest for commercial gain is made potentially more disconcerting by self-installed DIY security cameras that can follow our every move both inside and outside our homes. This raises concerns around video content storage, privacy protection and streaming access control.

Said Turek, “We are fierce advocates of protecting user privacy at home and this is reflected in how we designed and engineered Angee as a solution. Angee never watches you or family members when you’re at home.”

Angee is unique in its physical respect for a user’s privacy – the camera actually turns away from the room to face the wall when single or collective user presence ‘at home’ is detected. Active protection is automatically triggered when all users leave the home, making Angee fully autonomous. In all cases, data is encrypted on both ends and only accessible to users. Many camera systems see, hear and store everything, which is unnerving for many. When armed, Angee is always on alert but the video is only sent to the cloud when Angee detects a threat or the user accesses the app to view their live stream.

“We deal with the protection of data and privacy issue head-on for millions of US households looking for privacy from their smart security installations. We’re excited about putting control of home and user privacy back into the hands of consumers with Angee - without compromising on security.”

Consumers can easily subscribe to the service through the website or purchase Annual plans through selected partners.

Key features of one simple subscription service to protect your home and privacy from Angee:

Subscription Service with no hardware costs, no installation fees, no long-term commitments, no hidden cloud storage fees, no per event time-based recording clip limits, no limits on the number of user accounts

  • Fully automated functionality due to innovative presence recognition

  • Hardware warranty service for as long as a user is an active subscriber

  • Privacy mode complemented with end to end cloud/device data encryption

  • Growing integrations with other Smart Home solutions

About Angee Technologies Ltd.

Angee is a provider of one simple subscription to protect your home and privacy, which combines smart hardware, cloud intelligence and services to deliver a complete, easy-to-use solution for homes with a strong focus on privacy and automation. The company serviced its first 1,300+ users through Kickstarter and recently launched its innovative subscription service into the US market starting in October 2018. Angee has offices in San Mateo, CA, Corporate Office in London, R&D in Prague, Czech Republic and Sourcing & Manufacturing in Shenzhen, China.

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Tomas Turek, CEO,

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About Angee Technologies Ltd.

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Angee is a provider of one simple subscription to protect your home and privacy, which combines smart hardware, cloud intelligence and services to deliver a complete, easy-to-use solution for homes with a strong focus on privacy and automation.

Tomas Turek
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