Launches New Jewelry Collection Named 'Artisanal'

Showcasing crème de la crème of gemstone cuts that are rare and exclusive, Artisanal Jewelry's assortment demonstrates Angara's commitment to innovation and creating distinctive jewelry pieces.

Artisanal Collection at Angara

Angara is reinforcing its commitment to innovation in fine jewelry by introducing the Artisanal collection. It features luxurious designs embellished with Amethyst, Citrine, Swiss Blue Topaz, London Blue Topaz and Garnet. But what sets this assortment apart are the exceptional gemstone cuts, which celebrate individuality and are a product of exemplary craftsmanship.

What's in store for the consumer?

Artisanal has been branched out into three main categories, which include Geometry, Earthy Treasure and Panache. The overall collection aims to capture the unique aspects of life and one's personality.

  • Geometry

Fashioned after geometric shapes, these jewelry designs celebrate the fluidity and structure showcased by every curve and line. This category comprises of different geometric cuts which include round, oval, cushion, square, trillion, hexagon and heart. Fit into modern settings, each piece walks the tightrope between contemporary and classic.

  • Earthy Treasure

This assortment comes packed with cuts inspired by the simple yet meaningful elements of nature. While the quatrefoil symbolizes positivity and faith, the floret design represents abundance and growth. Snowflake, the most unique cut in the lot, celebrates the exclusivity of each individual. The vibrancy of the jewels is brought to the forefront with the use of minimalist designs that highlight the freshness of every piece.

  • Panache

This category hosts designs that endeavor to complement the unique personality traits of every individual. It showcases gemstone cuts fashioned after kites, lozenges and barrels. Indicating imagination, connection and abundance, Panache fuses the aesthetic value and symbolism of each cut in equal measure.

The Artisanal collection includes rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces. It will be available exclusively on


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