ANFS: The New Solution of Performance and Security

Several events proved that 2021 ended with a future promise of multiple chain interoperability in the decentralized finance ecosystem. For proper context, the rave about multi-chain expansion appears to have been hinged on the disruptive moves of brands like BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, and Solana. Current research gives the impression that the focus of a significant number of public chains is the provision of cutting-edge solutions to the three-pronged challenge of "efficiency, security, and decentralization".

Upon a cursory observation, an onlooker may conclude that the new trend blockchains were established to be on the heels of the Ethereum blockchain, especially in light of current on-chain metrics, but in reality, most of these new day chains have a distinguishable value proposition. The feedback from mainstream adoption of DeFi solutions is the revelation that the DeFi system needs more chains proffering decentralized finance solutions to the modern-day challenges of the economic world. To this end, nascent solutions are continually embraced especially as the world rolls into the era of Web3. Today, we are going to take a look into the journey of the masterminds behind ANFS reveals that they are laser focused on providing practical solutions in the area of performance and security.


ANFS is short for Autonomous Network Cross-Domain Flexible Sharded System. The major value proposition of this new generation public chain under Web3, is "high performance and low cost". The system has an end-goal of establishing an easy to use, efficient, secure and scalable blockchain smart contract platform with optimum visual development, plug-in expansion, automated deployment, and sandbox execution. ANFS currently deploys Low-Code, SCaaS, WASM, HPOS (Hybrid Sequence Proof), and other technology to enhance its user-experience - layer by layer. It is important to note that ANFS's virtual machine is perfectly compatible with EVM, any Dapp developed for Etherum can be migrated (ported) to ANFS network, as well as increasing ecological scalability for easy migration and cross-chain engagements. 

ANFS Technology

Unlike the era of Web 1.0 and Web 2.0, the Web 3.0 expectedly has its distinguishing features, especially as it pertains to the financial ecosystem.

One may infer that ANFS is set to "solve more consensus problems with a new technical level, making it more convincing and effective in the industry. The core high performance of ANFS is technically supported from three aspects: the view layer, the computing layer and the consensus layer."

Coming down to the computing layer, ANFS utilizes SCaaS technology to operate WASM virtual machines on ANFS blockchain, hence developers are provided with a secure sandbox and well-structured execution domain, in the absence of limited development languages, and with complete scalability and functionality.

The consensus layer is another key layer that ANFS appears to have revolutionized. In this regard, the architects of the ANFS technology innovated a novel technique centered on "parallel sharding technology-HPOS" (Hybrid Proof of Sequence) to resolve the blockchain consensus challenge. Particularly, "in the HPOS technology of ANFS, each area is constructed by the consensus node of the area selected by the VDF function to generate the transaction sequence of the area". What this means in essence is that any accessible node can perform the role of verification by calculating any portion of the transaction sequence of the area in focus.

ANFS Enshrining the Technology of Trust

The new wave of public blockchains are rolling out solutions to include both the DeFi and NFT markets, thereby scaling the revolution of traditional finance that has already begun. Magneting the right people -- market investors and developers -- seems to be inherently inevitable this way. With the ANFS public blockchain scaling across continents like America, Europe, Asia and other regions, the result is a beautiful amalgamation of the thought leadership, creativity, so much more.

With the rolling out of the ANFS solution, it appears that the core of blockchain trust is about to be enshrined in the current era of blockchain and Web 3. 

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