Android App in Live Wallpaper Series Released By Tabus Nine

Android Mobile Application in Live Wallpaper Series Released By Tabus Nine. The Game of Life Live Wallpaper is an interactive and customizable mobile Live Wallpaper based on Conway's Game of Life.

The Game of Life Live Wallpaper, an interactive and customizable Live Wallpaper, is based on Conway's Game of Life

April 2, 2012 (Ann Arbor, MI): Tabus Nine Computing (, a mobile application developer for the Android operating system, has announced a new Live Wallpaper for Android devices. The Live Wallpaper, Game of Life Live Wallpaper, is based on Conway's Game of Life, and its aesthetics will appeal even to users who may not be familiar with the cellular automaton.

In Conway's Game of Life, "cells" exist in a grid, which live and die depending on how many neighbors they have. The rules that govern the cells can produce mesmerizing patterns over time. Game of Life Live Wallpaper renders the cells fading in an out as they live and die, with many options for coloring the cells.

"Game of Life Live Wallpaper was distributed with a free and paid version" said Austin Mueller and Ben Oztalay, co-owners of Tabus Nine. "The full version features five different display modes, which each allow the user to customize how the cells are colored and displayed."

The first, and simplest, display mode colors the living cells a solid color of the user's choosing. The second colors the cells differently depending on how long they've been alive, picking colors from a palette. Users can select, edit, and create their own palettes.

The Time of Day display mode uses a special palette of colors associated with times of the day to change the color of the cells as the day progresses. Another display mode turns your wallpaper into a battery indicator, coloring the cells from green to red depending on the phone's battery level. Lastly, the By Touch display mode changes the color of the cells whenever the screen is touched.

Android was listed as the best-selling smartphone platform worldwide in Q4 2010 with over 300 million Android devices in use by February 2012.According to Google's Andy Rubin, as of February 2012 there are over 850,000 Android devices activated every day. Google Android Mobile Applications can be downloaded from third-party sites or through online stores such as Google Play, the app store run by Google.

Tabus Nine Computing is currently developing other features to add to the Game of Life Live Wallpaper, including other display modes, and an in-app store where users can purchase palettes and other display modes.

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Tabus Nine Computing was founded in 2011 to create Android applications, as well as perform artificial intelligence research by Austin Mueller and Ben Oztalay. Both company founders are Computer Science and Engineering majors at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. You can connect with them through various social communities at:


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