Andrew Charlton Celebrates Success at Wesfarmers

Andrew Charlton has helped boost Coles.

After having served as the Senior Economic Adviser to former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, publishing a number of books and quarterly essays (including the John Button Prize-winning “Man Made World: Choosing Between Progress and Planet”), and representing his country at international events such as the G20 Leaders Forum and the United Nations Copenhagen Climate Conference, Andrew Charlton has made a significant career move in taking a seat in the corporate offices of Wesfarmers, where he has been helping boost the Coles department stores since.

The move caught the attention of Aussie media, and Crikey published an article about the move in which they said this:

“The other Boy Charlton was a latecomer to Rudd’s office but soon became one of his closest confidantes. Before becoming Rudd’s principal economics adviser, the Rhodes scholar worked at management consulting firm Boston Consulting, received the Oxford University award for the best doctoral thesis in economics and wrote a book with Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz.

Like Jordan, Charlton has moved on to that great resting place for fallen Laborites: Wesfarmers (former WA Premier Alan Carpenter is also on the payroll). He’s been working as the conglomerate’s business projects manager in Perth since November. In his spare time the ambitious 32-year old pens articles on economics and politics for the high-brow magazine The Monthly.”

The Herald Sun also spoke of it in a 2013 article:

Mr. Charlton, who has written a best-seller about economics, was hired by Coles in 2010 to advice on acquisitions. For Andrew Charlton, the opportunity to work for Wesfarmers is highly beneficial. He now has the chance to implement some of his own strategies of growth, many of which have seemed to make a positive impact on the corporation.

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