Andonix CEO to Present on Manufacturing in the Industry 4.0 Era at Global Leadership Conference 2020

David Salazar will discuss the next generation of Lean technology and its impact on Industry 4.0 initiatives at the three-day event in San Diego

​David Salazar, Founder, and CEO of Andonix, will be a keynote speaker at the YPO Global Leadership Conference 2020 in San Diego, taking place March 2-4. Salazar will be presenting on the automation and data exchange trends impacting today’s manufacturing process and the impact that the evolution of Industry 4.0 will have on attendee businesses.

Andonix is the developer of Smart Work Station™, an integral Industry 4.0 tool utilized by companies to pursue gains in lean manufacturing through smarter training, communication, and operations management of frontline workers. Founded in Detroit in 2017, Andonix has leveraged extensive experience working with Fortune 50 companies around the globe to design a platform to help businesses of all sizes see gains from their frontline investments in a short time frame.

“Smart Work Station™ was developed to provide businesses with a streamlined, Lean approach to Industry 4.0,” says Andonix CEO, David Salazar. “This represents a massive shift in the way businesses operate and digital transformation is an important component of the long term plans for all sized businesses. By empowering frontline workers with better training, communications, checklists, and general support, all with a much shorter timeline for implementation than a typical enterprise platform, companies can see results in just weeks or even days.”

In his presentation, Salazar will discuss how companies are unlocking the complex world of lean manufacturing with key discussions, highlighted by a case study on how Walmart China is preparing for the future of work across 400 stores and 9,000 associates to compete in a crowded market. He will also discuss making smart investments, ways to avoid getting stuck in pilot purgatory, and how to integrate new digital approaches to a business strategy fast. 

About YPO Global Leadership Conference 2020

Taking place March 2-4 in San Diego, the YPO GLC welcomes YPO officers from around the world to discuss leadership opportunities, hone skills and share ideas through interactive workshops. The event features leading executives and subject matter experts in direct Q&A sessions, workshops, and case studies that highlight opportunities in business.

About Andonix

Andonix connects front line workers with a solid, robust and scalable digital work instruction and communications platform. The Smart Work Station™ improves the safety, productivity, and efficiency of the manufacturing process by putting Andon Cord functionality in the hands of front line workers. Built on the lean manufacturing pillars of continuous improvement, visibility, and standardization, the Smart Work Station™ improves workforce training, process deployment, and supervision. Andonix leverages cloud and low-cost smart devices to deliver enhanced operational performance with an intuitive, scalable, and fast-to-implement platform. Powerful data analytics transforms into insights on people and process performance.

Source: Andonix