- a New Flat-Fee and Self-Priced Legal Services Platform by AppearMe

A transparent and efficient platform for individuals, startups and businesses to find a lawyer. The self-price, flat-fee, hourly or contingency-based legal platform.

AppearMe, the nation's largest on-demand and real-time network of lawyers, announces the launch of, a website that makes it easy and affordable for individuals, startups and businesses to find the right lawyer for their legal matters. A nationwide network of over 12,000 lawyers is here to provide affordable and reliable legal help. All lawyers registered in the network have been vetted for an active license and have a clean disciplinary history.

"Individuals, startups, and businesses can use the easy-to-use interface combined with secure and seamless technology to manage all their legal needs. By submitting individual offers and setting their own prices, users are bound to experience the most efficient way of finding the lawyer that fits their legal needs. The flat fee feature assures a transparent and surprise-free way of getting one's legal needs to successful completion," says Armen Margarian, a chief executive officer of AppearMe.

With AndLawyers, users can search for a lawyer by field of practice. The most popular practice areas are:

● Criminal Law

● Business Law and All Startup Related Matters

● Family Law

● Employment Law

● Bankruptcy

● Lemon Law and other automotive Matters

"At AppearMe, our mission is to make access to justice as affordable and as transparent as possible," said Armen Margarian.

About AppearMe

AppearMe is a real-time and on-demand mobile and web application that allows attorneys to submit and accept appearance, deposition and freelance requests, and find expert witnesses and litigation support specialists — all in one place. The app brings together legal tools that help attorneys and law firms manage their litigation needs and enables individuals, startups and businesses to find affordable legal help. 

Starting today, the full AndLawyers experience is available via the links below: 

For more information, visit

Attorneys can register to offer their legal services at



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