AND Agency Announces Its New Customer Feedback Management (CFM) Platform: KATIE Insights

AND Agency, a North American leader in innovative Customer Experience and Marketing Solutions, announced its new web-based Customer Feedback Management (CFM) platform KATIE Insights is now available to the public. AND Agency has a rich history of market and experience research dating back to 1972, but emerging market trends and generational changes have demanded new ways of data collection. KATIE was designed with this in mind.

“With companies looking to optimize their CX budgets coming out of the COVID crisis, KATIE provides a rich—but value-based—alternative for small businesses and enterprises alike,” states Adam Kamieniak AND Agency CEO. “We built KATIE to be dynamic, cost-effective, and simple to execute. We do the heavy lifting.”

The KATIE platform provides valuable insights into a company’s overall performance and allows clients to easily launch their employee and customer experience programs. The platform is designed to turn analytics into engagement and help clients make informed, data-driven decisions.

Some of its key performances are:

·       Real-Time Reporting

·       Role-Based Dashboards

·       Closed-Loop Action Management

·       Dynamic Reporting with Custom Data Visualization

·       Text and Sentiment Analytics

·       Multi-Channel Intelligence

KATIE offers a complete profile of a clients’ customer-base, so their decisions are as effective and informed as possible. The data is compiled into a powerful, secure, and user-friendly interface that is fully customizable. The platform is cost-effective, simple to understand, and easy to deploy. KATIE helps businesses experience data in a new light.

About AND Agency

AND Agency delivers an innovative brand of marketing, customer experience, and business process outsourcing services. Our mission is to provide engaging solutions designed to improve your brand, inspire your employees, and strengthen your customer relationships.

“We drive growth by embracing our clients with a full suite of marketing and outsourcing capabilities,” says Adam.

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AND Agency delivers an innovative brand of marketing and customer experience solutions. Our mission is to provide engaging solutions designed to improve your brand and strengthen your customer relationships.