Anatomy of Agile Enterprise

EITA Global, leading providers of continuous professional education for the IT industry, will hold a two-day, in-person seminar in Boston, MA on the topic, "Anatomy of Agile Enterprise" on October 17 and 18, 2013 (Thursday and Friday). Janne J. Korho

Date and timings: December 12th & 13th, 2013 | 8:45 AM to 4:30 PM
Venue: San Francisco, CA

What the seminar is about:

There is no doubt that the most powerful wave to hit the world in the recent past, and one that has changed almost every facet of life is Information Technology (IT). The industry is so vast and profound that IT has a fundamental impact in organizations and the society at large.

How do organizations that are in the IT industry handle it? They have to contend with phenomena such as unprecedented computing power, infinity of virtual space and ubiquitous connectivity. More than anything else, this is an industry that is always in a state of disruption and flux. It changes very often and very dramatically. In this backdrop, organizations have to be on their toes and be prepared to make huge changes at the drop of a hat to create enterprise effectiveness, increase flexibility and enable entirely new business models.

One of the established, traditional paradigms of the industry has been, "IT follows business". There is nothing wrong with this approach, so long as the organization was situated in the relatively stable and predictable business environments of the past. But with the unimaginable speed and nature of change that has swept the industry; this approach falls pathetically short. Today, even an organization's competitive advantage is in a state of unceasing flux. What should IT do in these tumultuous times? It must come out of the shell and reinvent itself. It should sharpen its competitive weapon and determine the way in which business is conducted. A very effective way of doing this is adapt the Agile Approach.

This seminar is structured to provide a clear understanding of how to anticipate and manage this all-important change. If this change is not foreseen or handled properly; the result is catastrophic. This session, which will be giving an overview of the Agile Approach, is well suited for senior IT and business managers in large information-intensive organizations, who think about IT strategically from a business perspective, about matters like how to integrate information technology, business strategy and organizational change management into a coherent, systemic whole to enable enterprise agility. The cross-disciplinary research findings and cutting-edge industry practices leveraged in the seminar will provide participants with additional insights into the "anatomy of agile enterprise" in an elaborated and informative manner.

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